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PRECISION IN PUMP MANUFACTURING High precision for progressive cavity pumps

Jan 12, 2022

Progressive cavity pumps are not for everyone, but for those operations that can prove advantageous, the advantages can be extensive. And the manufacturing of these pumps demands a higher degree of accuracy that can be achieved through precision manufacturing. This article explains how precision manufacturing is becoming a boon for creating these pumps, why precision manufacturing is the right choice for pump manufacturing and how it is the backbone of manufacturing. - Arvind Gupta, Deputy Managing Director, Roto Pumps

With the evolution of engineering, products are becoming smaller and complex, making it difficult for manufacturing players to develop products with higher accuracy. In comes precision manufacturing, which is considered as a most sought-after and significant process to address these industrial manufacturing challenges. It is a very crucial part of any manufacturing process that enables the production of small and complex components, with a key focus on designing and accuracy. In any or all manufacturing processes, where high dimensions accuracy is the key parameter, precision manufacturing helps with the creation of parts as per pre-specified measurements, bringing huge accuracy in the end-product. Not similar to other emerging trends, precision manufacturing has great potential to revolutionise various industries, enabling manufacturers to cut costs while simultaneously increasing their efficiency, productivity and capabilities. In the traditional manufacturing process, even an experienced person can make an error, however, precision manufacturing always ensures to accomplish work at a much higher pace yet with great accuracy.

Progressive cavity pumps

As progressive cavity pumps are designed to handle free-flowing viscous & abrasive liquids for a wide spectrum of industrial applications, cardan universal joint, metallic rotor & elastomeric stator are the main components that define such flow accuracies, wear & tear of internal pump components, pump life cycle and the energy consumption of progressive cavity pumps. If there are some design or dimensional errors, it will lead to reduced pump performance and eventually to replacing the pump or its spare parts.

Moreover, these pumps are not standard and are customised as per the customers’ needs, their pumping application, duty parameters, pumping accuracy & type of liquid. Progressive cavity pumps work on the principle of positive displacement. The pumping element comprises a precision-machined single external helix metallic rotor and a double internal helix elastomer stator. And the manufacturing of these pumps demands a higher degree of accuracy that can be achieved through precision manufacturing. Hence, precision manufacturing is becoming a boon for creating these pumps.

On the other hand, stator manufacturing is more an art than science; it is about the optimised mixing of elastomers to reach the tensile strength, resiliency, harness, and reduce shrinkages. So, the manufacturing of a few components needs a higher level of customisation yet ensures accuracy. For instance, progressive cavity pumps are highly customised pumps based on application duty parameters. High precision and industry know-how are mandatory for successfully designing its key parts like cardan universal joint, rotor & stator. With a small error in the design or manufacturing, the pump will not deliver its due performance and life. Only a few manufacturers, like roto pumps, have perfected the process of developing such world-class stators-based pumps due to their years of research and development efforts, backed by highly precise manufacturing processes, like precision. Backed by the expertise of precision manufacturing, companies can develop quality products with great accuracy which ultimately helps them to increase their productivity and profitability. Besides, accuracy, versatility and high demand are a few attributes due to which precision manufacturing is becoming the premium choice for many manufacturers.

Precision manufacturing – the right choice

Due to the advanced software and technology capabilities of modern day’s precision manufacturing, the turnaround time has been significantly reduced as the combination of software and machine manufacturing has made the overall manufacturing process very smooth, simple and accurate. For automated production capabilities, along with great production output and minimum errors, manufacturers considered precision manufacturing as the most viable solution.

In certain industries, such as pump manufacturing, where one is producing products as an enabler for other industries to achieve higher production levels, it becomes very important to ensure the production of great products with high accuracy. Precision manufacturing is just the right choice as it can be custom-built as per the need of the manufacturer, along with ensuring that all quality control measures are in place to produce complex products with great design.

Precision manufacturing – the backbone of manufacturing

Many industries, including the pumps manufacturing industry, are already witnessing high operational and financial disruptions due to the pandemic and cannot afford to waste time & products due to inaccurate manufacturing. So, processes like precision manufacturing are helping with rapid and accurate production which also helps to save cost dramatically. So, it’s important to design & manufacture pumps in a controlled environment with stringent quality checks at multiple levels and processes, like precision manufacturing are becoming the backbone of such manufacturing. With the help of precision manufacturing, manufacturers can undertake any projects and create a product with high tolerance within the budget as per the customised needs of the client.

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  • Arvind Gupta
Deputy Managing Director
Roto Pumps

    Arvind Gupta

    Deputy Managing Director

    Roto Pumps

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