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Sudheesh Narayanan

Founder & CEO

Knowledge Lens

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BIG DATA Looking at the value aspect

Aug 11, 2021

Knowledge Lens is a company that builds innovative solutions in niche technology areas, from Big Data analytics to Artificial Intelligence. In this colloquy with Juili Eklahare, Sudheesh Narayanan, Founder & CEO, Knowledge Lens, discusses how the industry needs a combination of human intelligence & machine intelligence, the company’s partnership with Geovale Services and the next focus. Excerpts…

How, do you think, can organisations figure out how efficiently IIoT can be deployed to lower the use of their resources? What steps must they take in this direction?

We say that automation will drive efficiency, and that is pretty much what we have done in Industry 3.0. However, now the industry needs a combination of human intelligence and machine intelligence to create a connected efficient operation; automation alone is not enough right now. This is where Industry 4.0 is driving the whole change in this space. For example, many processes are automated today, and the product gets created. Then there’s a quality person who does the quality inspection. These two operations are disjointed, and the efficiency happens when one can do this in real-time – the production is happening, the quality person is giving the feedback, and there is an in-process correction that can happen on the system itself.

You say that "If utilised accurately, IIoT can play a significant role in bolstering the manufacturing sector." Can you elaborate on "utilised correctly" how?

We talk about bringing IIoT into our processes. However, industrial IIoT initiatives have to look at the value aspect and its implementation from a value-driven model. That is where the implementation becomes successful. One needs to really look at the problem, figure out the solution and ensure that the business value is targeted rather than just implementing IIoT.

There are continuous talks about digital transformation happening in the industry. Yet, there is resistance to unlocking data & companies aren't technology ready. What are your thoughts on organisations being more confident to adopt new technology?

Most of the time, digital transformation starts with proof-of-value, where one identifies the value he/she wants to derive and the proof which creates the whole implementation on a proof-of-value perspective. It’s a very minute implementation that shows one the value. This gives one the confidence that this is a technology that shows value, and hence, digital transformation is an important driver to go through. It is more about people realising it on a smaller scale, where there is a specific problem that is solved by the technology being used. There are two ways to digital initiatives – one way is that one goes big bang, understands the maturity, sees others doing it, etc, and then steps into that journey himself/herself. Then, I look at most of the Indian customers and they usually go the other way – they want to see the value and incrementally realise it. Therefore, having a partner who would actually show them that value on the right path is what is really driving change.

Your company recently went into a strategic partnership with Geovale Services. How will this partnership provide quality solutions for the mining industry?

The mining sector is huge in itself and even though there is huge potential in it, the challenges around it are big. So, now when we work together, we are really trying to see how we bring the domain experience they have and we bring in our technology expertise. We brought in the experts (Geovale), while we bring in the technology from an industry IoT perspective. This is very relevant to transform the mining industry from its current state. Safety, predictive maintenance, etc are some of the areas that we are looking at around it.

What's the next focus for Knowledge Lens?

We are trying to combine human intelligence & connected machines and deploy AI-based solutions to create the next level of value for the industry. We are also trying to bring up new product features that are very specific to enabling this unified machine & human intelligence.`

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