Core Function of Health Monitoring on PCS Asset

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Health Monitoring für PCS Assets


Process control systems (PCS) are a key asset in the process industry. System life-cycle management -- from engineering, commissioning, startup, operation and decommissioning -- is challenging for both end-users and suppliers. Management of these systems is often further.

Management of these systems is often further complicated when automation systems from different suppliers exist within the same site or company.
In the context of this document, process control system refers to the actual control system and any external systems that interface with it. For example, package units and Plant Information Management Systems would be applicable.

Incorporating real-time health information, even from different suppliers, into a centralized open platform has been desired by end-users. The objective is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the asset maintenance and management. To achieve this goal, continuous monitoring of the automation system is required.
The document provides recommendations for improving engineering and maintenance system effectiveness and is applicable for both end-users and suppliers.

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