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Field verification of on-line HC dew point measurements


Andy Benton, Technical Consultant, Michell Instruments Limited, Ely, UK andy.benton@michell.com www.michell.com

The Michell Condumax II applies a fundamental measurement principle for direct measurement of hydrocarbon dew point. Measurement performance is assured through comprehensive factory test and calibration, to verify that each analyser offers accurate determination of the temperature at which hydrocarbon condensate forms. Further extensive examination confirms highly sensitive detection response to the fractional condensation characteristics of natural gas from within the onset of a measureable hydrocarbon dew point within the lowest region of condensate in gas density.

Over the last three decades of Michell’s experience for this critical gas quality parameter, a number of methodologies have evolved to verify and maintain the performance of our analysers in the field. Such methods are explored below, including the ability to harmonise the measurement sensitivity of the Condumax II to a specific customerdesignated reference.

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