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Prashant Pansare

CEO at Inteliment and Rubiscape

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DATA ANALYTICS Markets today need different & digitised solutions

Nov 10, 2020

Inteliment is a leading data innovation company, providing visual & predictive analytics, data science, IoT, mobility & Artificial Intelligence solutions. In this confab with Juili Eklahare, Prashant Pansare, CEO at Inteliment and Rubiscape (which started in Inteliment as an R&D project and is now a new age data science product company), talks about how people have now understood that data is the new oil, how Inteliment is investing in IoT technologies & what s ahead for the two companies. Excerpts…

One of Inteliment’s innovations is Integrated Delivery Approach, designed for risk-free implementations that are built to address specific business needs. Do you have any more innovations that you are working on to help businesses?

Having built horizontal technologies in data science, for Inteliment, we are now focusing our next innovations on verticalising them with subject-specific, function-specific & industry-specific solutions.

You dedicate some of your time to grooming budding entrepreneurs. What is it you think that budding entrepreneurs need to imbibe/learn in order to make it in the industry of advanced analytics & innovation data? What would be your suggestion to them to survive the current pandemic?

If one wants to build an analytics company, then he/she should be creating differentiation on a brain count; he/she does not need hundreds or thousands of people at his/her disposal. When we look at the world post-pandemic, what will be different is that it will be digitised and markets will have changed. The markets today need different & digitised solutions. Thus, my advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in the analytics space is that they have to think of what is a real-life problem that they can solve.

Inteliment has been in the business for over 15 years now. How have you seen data innovation & analytics evolve through these years?

In the earlier days, people would think more of process automation, building legacy software, etc. But over a period of time, people have understood that data is the new oil. The industry has now realised how it can convert this data into dollars and how it can drive its decisions.

Besides its focus on Big Data and analytics, Inteliment has also been building its solutions in IoT and cloud. How far has the company got in these areas?

With the explosion of Big Data (mainly unstructured), our journey in IoT is aligned with our product strategy. RubiConnect is a product on Rubiscape platform that works like an API Manager or an interface with machine, sensors data ecosystem. We have built a very intelligent data access layer & data processing engine that can connect, lift & shift data from various streams into data lakes and RubiCloud. We are investing in IoT technologies to go to the next level.

What does Inteliment & Rubiscape have envisioned for itself next year?

Rubiscape product is soft-launched and we have signed-up some fortune companies as the anchor customers for a multiyear managed services contract. We have also undertaken a business transformation project for Inteliment to move up the value chain in emerging technologies. To accelerate the market and customer acquisition goals, we have launched an EdTech product division of Rubiscape, positioned as a future school – RubiVersity – which is an AI-empowered knowledge cloud for future-skilling people on Artificial Intelligence, data science and Machine Learning.

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