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Amit Ladsaongikar, Managing Director, Ortlinghaus Drive Technology

Image: Ortlinghaus Drive Technology

Drive Components “Assuring cost competitiveness is vital”

Feb 12, 2018

…says Amit Ladsaongikar, Managing Director, Ortlinghaus Drive Technology, in an interview with Suchi Adhikari. He further discusses the implementation and developments in the press technology and highlights the company initiatives to embrace the digital technology. Excerpts…

How has been the overall performance of your company in India?

We manufacture industrial clutches and brakes. Here in India, we are a 100% owned subsidiary on Ortlinghuas Group Germany. Ortlinghaus India is responsible for business development and after-sales services for the customer in the Indian region. We are mainly grouped into four pillars—press technology, marine, winch and agriculture segments. At the moment, our mature market is press technology and we are working on our other pillars.

We are generating a growth of around 10-15% in press technology market. However, last year we did good in the marine segment and bagged some important orders, which has boosted our confidence to do even better. With our service set-up in India now, we are supporting our end customers to reduce their equipment downtime. This is equally apricated by our end customers as well.

Keeping in mind the developments in the Indian manufacturing sector lately, in terms of advanced technology adoption, volatile market conditions and changing customer requirements, what would be your outlook on the industry performance in this year?

Technology-change or improvement is a continuous process and I feel it would go on to maintain number one positions of the leading companies and startups in their respective industries. Additionally, due to volatile market conditions and changing customer requirement, it’s challenging for the manufactures to confirm their investment plan. As per our experience, the only parameter which a buyer in India see is the cost competitiveness. Then comes the quality. Although buyer knows that in the long-run, quality products will give good savings. But due to budget constraints, some times buyers have to compromise on quality. As we are the industry leaders in clutch and brakes, we experience such behaviour from customers often which is discouraging some times.

What were the new products and technologies that you launched during IMTEX this year? What are the upcoming trends that you foresee in your business sector?

The new products which we showcased this year in IMTEX is our dry running hydraulically actuated CB unit i.e. series 106. This is used in mechanical presses with high brake torque requirement. The second product is a combination of hydraulic released servo brake and linier motion lock, our series 172 & 055. This is used in the servo presses, which is the future market in the metal forming industry. The third product is a our wet clutch brake combination, Cee.go, series 0480. This is used in C-frame press and explicitly made keeping the requirement from India and China market.

How is your company coping with the rapid pace of digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing sector?

We are the industry leaders in our segment. So, we have to cope up with the industry requirement of industry 4.0. Hence, we introduced our Pa.go control system, which records various signals of the clutch brake behaviour. This helps the maintenance team to analyse and take corrective actions on their presses.

IMTEX provides a good platform for networking with customers and vendors. How do you strategise post IMTEX 2018 to get the maximum out of the exhibition?

We recorded the visitors details during the exhibition and now we shall be in touch with new contacts through telephone and emails. Some companies which we met were using our products but were not aware of our presence in India. Knowing them now is the value addition from the IMTEX platform.

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