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Ankur Jain

Founder & CEO

UdyogYantra Technologies

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FOOD & BEVERAGE AUTOMATION One can be a leader if he innovates faster

Mar 4, 2020

... says Ankur Jain, Founder & CEO, UdyogYantra Technologies, in this interview with Juili Eklahare. He talks about how the start-up found an opportunity in the food-tech industry, its collaboration with National Instruments and long-term vision to become a leader in the future. Excerpts…

What was the idea behind starting UdyogYantra Technologies?

I had worked for a European semiconductor major & an American industrial automation multinational, which helped me closely see the impacts of industrial revolutions on technology development and adoption across markets, experience Industry 3.0 indepth and understand the socio-political-cultural variables that correlated economies with industrial revolutions. The realisation that we are standing at two inflection points, one being Industry 3.0 and Industry 4.0, and the other one being India transitioning into a developed economy, was the birth of UdyogYantra.

Choosing the food-tech industry for your start-up was a smart strategy, soon leading to the company bringing in revenue. What made you realise that this strategy would work?

We, in India, are particularly fascinated by food and India is also rapidly developing. The engines of this growth are millennials who are spending a major part of the week adding to India’s GDP, but not being able to spend the hours to prepare and consume the meals the way they love. This is a huge opportunity in the food-tech Industry. So, UdyogYantra is perfectly placed to develop products which make the processes in the food-tech industry efficient and smart.

One of your products that is being developed is the Smart Microwave for Cloud Kitchens. Can you tell us the objective of this product? What is being done to make sure it functions without flaw?

We have developed a Smart Microwave IoT panel, which can be connected to any commercial off-the-shelf microwave and make it a network connected and controlled device. Independent of the microwave OEM, UdyogYantra IoT panel would give the same interface to all the present and future workforce and locations of the food chain. The panel has a number for each recipe of the food brand and these recipe settings can directly be updated by the central operations. The operator has to just press a number against a food type and the desired heating will be done. The logs of how this panel was operated or if the heating cycle was cut short, etc will be available to central operations. The heating is not based on duration, but precise temperature sense-based control, so that accurate heating can be achieved, independent of magnetron power differences across OEMs, ambient food temperature differences across locations or operator skill / process issues.

The hardware and software have been designed and thoroughly tested using latest design and test methodologies in our labs and is being deployed with our lead customers for further feedback to be followed by mass manufacturing.

Can you tell us about your collaboration with National Instruments?

We are a National Instruments Alliance Partner in India, empowered by the NI platform called LabVIEW, which offers seamless integration with third-party analytics packages, databases and cloud platforms. One of the products we have applied for a patent is designed with LabVIEW. This association also takes us to a lot of manufacturing shop floors, where we solve their existing test challenges while learning how to make their manufacturing process smarter and efficient.

What's your plan on achieving your long-term vision to be a leader in making Industry 4.0 solutions and make the factories more connected with each other?

UdyogYantra will focus on manufacturing process innovations which will help us consistently come up with innovative Industry 4.0 products. One can be a leader if he innovates faster and executes at the fastest speed. We plan to have a strong focus on our IT+OT = IoT approach to consistently get meaningful data for intelligence in the process to develop. The amount of data we are going to generate by these connected manufacturing processes can only be processed by machines (Machine Learning) and this process is called Artificial Intelligence. Investing in these right technologies for Industry 4.0 are the fundamental steps to become a leader in the future and we are committed to it.

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