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Utkarsh Singh

Co-founder & CEO

BatX Energies

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EV BATTERY Making India energy-sufficient by battery lifecycle solutions

Jun 14, 2021

… says Utkarsh Singh, Co-founder & CEO, BatX Energies - a company committed to developing advanced lithium-ion battery solutions using first life and second life lithium-ion cells for various applications that facilitate mobility and storage – in this interview with Juili Eklahare. He explains the ‘Buy Back Battery Programme’, what creates viable R&D and how the start-up is enhancing its presence. Excerpts…

BatX has developed a proprietary lithium-ion battery recycling technology. Could you tell us more about it and how it stands out from other battery recycling technologies?

Lithium-ion batteries are treated as waste after the first life application, but they hold a lot of potential at the later stage. We have effective logistics networks for the safe transportation of lithium-ion batteries. The recycling of these batteries results in the reduction of energy consumption, further reducing the wastage of natural resources and hence, making India self-sufficient with these battery recycling services & developing a stronger supply chain. Along with this, we provide an innovative solution to fill the gap through in-house developed recycling and resource recovery process which is capable of recovering lithium, nickel & cobalt at up to 90% purity.

Can you tell us the work you are doing towards creating a secondary supply to meet the demand for critical battery materials through innovative recycling technology?

We are working towards the extraction of high-quality metal which is an imperative part of the recycling process. We extract chemical synthesis processes to make lithium-metal oxide cathode material for new batteries, and the usage of solvent extraction for hydrometrical process is high.

Your start-up is developing a leasing system whereby auto-rickshaw owners can return their used batteries to you for recharging and receive a full battery in return. Can you tell us your action-plan for this?

We are taking one step forward by offering our best solutions, and we recently announced the ‘Buy Back Battery Programme’ aiming to make India energy-sufficient by battery lifecycle solutions contributing to the circular economy. Under this programme, we take back batteries from the market and harvest the good cells from them, understanding the life & state of health of those cells and putting them back for stationary applications by developing lithium-ion batteries for inverters & solar storage batteries. Also, it offers a 10% buy back cost to its electric vehicle OEM’s clients, like electric rickshaw and electric two-wheeler manufacturers who can further offer this as a value-addition to their customers. To ease this process, we have set up collection centres in different states to make the collection of depreciated batteries easier for the masses.

How do you come up with new ideas for R&D? How do you think the field of lithium-ion batteries will change in the future?

Thorough research and studies about the industry & products are important to create viable R&D and the requirement of efficient & skilled manpower enhances R&D services. EVs are the future and as the demand for electric vehicles rises so will the demand for lithium-ion batteries. The usage of lithium-ion batteries will not only benefit us as individuals, but it will also have a huge positive impact on the climate.

What is your start-up’s plan in the post-COVID world?

The lockdown, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, was a difficult phase for everyone. But as we are now adapting to the new normal, we are trying to engage with more stakeholders & investors who will help us grow our business and create our uniqueness in the industry. We are aggressively participating and moving ahead to enhance our presence.

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