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Kalyan Sridhar

VP & Country Manager


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DIGITALISATION India is at a much higher level of technology adoption than one expects

Jan 6, 2020

…mentions Kalyan Sridhar, VP & Country Manager, PTC, in his conversation with Anvita Pillai. With a very optimistic view on the Indian manufacturing industry growth, Sridhar discusses PTC’s contribution in skill upgradation, goals for the coming year and more. Excerpts from the discussion…

The manufacturing industry has been facing unprecedented challenges owing to digitalisation. How is PTC working towards helping the industry drive?

From a manufacturing standpoint, to help companies address other aspects of digitalisation from organisational, cultural, people and process standpoints, we have formed a ‘digital transformation value team’, whose core job is to go and work with organisations and understand where they are currently in their digital journey. Apart from offering them technological expertise, we are also providing companies with digital transformation value workshops, where we will help them, taking into consideration their people & process related issues.

The Indian manufacturing industry is still lagging in adopting technologies like AI, ML, Big Data, etc. Do you think that the Indian industry is prepared to take on this behemoth of digitalisation?

To the complete contrary, reports published by research organisations suggest that India is at a much higher level of technology adoption than one expects. The main challenge lies in the fact that we have a tonne of manufacturing industries here, and each of it is on a different level from a digital transformation standpoint. There are a lot of companies that want to adopt digitalisation, but there are a lot of issues that come in terms of strategy, processes, people, etc. which they are working on right now. It is a part of the organisational transformation; if one gets it right, the digital transformation that an organisation undertakes is going to be far more successful than just implementing a technology.

What is an ideal roadmap that manufacturers/industrialists should try and follow to ensure maximum ROI from IIoT/digitalisation?

The most primal bit to get maximum benefits from digitalisation is to get the organisational strategies and processes in place. One can’t simply jump into digital transformation and look at technologies as a fad. It is important to understand that digitalisation isn’t a fad. The earlier one adopts it and plans their systems around it, the better it is going to be for the organisation. Also, organisations need to evaluate their longterm & short-term goals, and align their strategy, processes and people to it, and ensure that the entire organisation brings into the idea of digital transformation. It’ll also mean that one will have to upskill their staffs.

Skill upgradation is a topic of equal importance when it comes to digitalisation. How is PTC working towards training the workforce of the future?

When it comes to skill upgradation, we are working in alignment with the ‘Skill India’ initiative of the government. Under this, we are trying to set up a few Centres of Excellence (CoE) in conjunction with them. We are doing this not only with the government, but also with private colleges. Our CoEs are established in various colleges across India. We are also getting very innovative from the manufacturing viewpoint. For example, in Bharat Forge, we have set up a CoE within the organisation, where every employee has to come in and do a mandatory training programme. PTC is helping them with technologies needed for the training and also setting up a test bed to help them understand how technologies can help them. We have also setup a ‘transformation centre’ in IIT Delhi for smaller organisations who can’t really get a CoE of their own.

What have been some major milestones for PTC this year (2019)? And what are your targets for the time to come?

We had a great year globally as well as in India, despite a struggling economy. In fact, our growth in the last four years in India has been phenomenal. A part of the reason that we have been doing so well is because of the digital transformation journey that organisations have undertaken. In terms of milestones at a global level, we have some great tie-ups & acquisitions going on. Our aim is to try and get as many companies on the digital transformation bandwagon as we can. We are also looking at expanding our ecosystem, because we need our partners to fully embrace the technologies & be able to provide value to our customers.

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