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PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT igus triples 3D printing service

Feb 14, 2019

igus tripled its 3D laser sintering printing capacity to produce abrasion-resistant special part

igus recently enhanced its 3D printing service to produce an abrasion-resistant special part or a small batch. Most of the components are manufactured using the laser sintering process. In this process, the abrasion-resistant laser sintering material, iglidur I3, is applied on the entire working platform and sintered with a laser. After each work step, the plate is lowered and a new layer applied.

Abbreviating on laser sintering, Tom Krause, Head of Additive Manufacturing, explained, “In an installation space of 220x170x300 millimetres, for example, 5000 plain bearings with an inner diameter of 10 millimetres, can be produced per laser sintering system within 30 hours. Laser sintering ensures that we can offer the components not only fast, but also a higher strength. It is also more cost- effective than the FDM process. Due to the very high demand for wear-resistant special solutions through the 3D printing service, we have now tripled our capacities with new laser sintering printers.”

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