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Subrahmanya Kumar V, Country Sales Manager, Tyrolit India

Image: Tyrolit India

Metal Forming “Higher investments with new technologies to be complemented with high-tech products”

Feb 15, 2018

Subrahmanya Kumar V, Country Sales Manager, Tyrolit India, discusses the rapid transformation in the manufacturing industry, along with focusing on customised solutions that leads to optimisation and enhancement of services offered, in this interaction with Suchi Adhikari. Excerpts…

What are the technology advancements and demand trends in the metal & precision machining industry sector? What are the challenges and driving factors?

The technology advancement is seen in both the products as well as the way how these products are manufactured. From the products, it is expected that they should be more durable and, hence, cost-effective for the customers. To be able to increase the life of the parts, the raw materials being used are to be changed and, thus, needing specific or different machining solutions. The stringent emission norms to save the environment are also leading to similar situations. In addition, rapid changes in the manufacturing methods are also adopted to get the same in minimal time with high accuracy. This also should be with maximum flexibility to accommodate more varieties in the given time. The challenge here is to take all in the value chain to be able to meet this expectations and being ready to meet the requirements.

Can you highlight the trends in high-tech tools segment for a variety of applications?

Keeping the base as ‘quality first’, it is expected to offer solutions which can be highly-productive and also lasting longer with this reducing the processing time, thus, bringing down the costs. Higher investments with new technologies is to be complemented with high technology tools, grinding wheels in our case, in achieving the same. At Tyrolit, more than 100 employees are working in this direction to bring new products to help customers with meeting their demands as above.

Moving on to future-oriented development and highly-accurate manufacturing solutions has been the trend globally. How is your company aligning to this trend?

We make sure to understand that our production facilities are working in this direction and we will stop at this point.

How do you strategise your business model so as to meet the challenging requirements from customers, especially increasing customisation?

It is the strength of our company that we have organised our business with a more focused approach. As we are involved in providing customised solutions for many years now, we do not see this as a challenge. However, the efforts on further optimisation are always there as we need to explore all the possibilities of enhancing the services to our valued customers.

How do you plan to expand your company’s market presence in the Indian market? What are your company’s future plans?

We believe that being customer-oriented and by providing the right solutions based on their needs to meet their objectives will be appreciated by our customers and will provide us opportunities to be with them for long. As mentioned earlier, with the enhanced focus and being specific in our approach, we are sure of expanding our presence in the Indian market. Shedding the global experience with the well-trained local team, along with the support from our headquarters are moving forward in this direction.

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