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Piyush Somani

Managing Director & Chairman

ESDS Software Solution

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CLOUD COMPUTING IN MANUFACTURING SECTOR Cloud computing for boosting manufacturing industry

Jan 18, 2022

Cloud computing is a solution for storing data, performing analytics & driving intelligence for modern-day manufacturing - Piyush Somani, Managing Director & Chairman, ESDS Software Solution

Typically, businesses that belong to the manufacturing sector may be perceived as the ones late to embrace technology. However, with advancements over the years, technologies such as cloud computing aim not only to transform modern-day manufacturing operations but also help boost their growth.

The use of cloud computing is growing in the manufacturing sector with the surging use of CRM and supply chain applications which provide better connectivity to external stakeholders and customers. Cloud enhances manufacturing effectiveness in data warehousing, information security, green IT and many others. With an increasing number of IT companies and ISPs in India, the cloud IaaS model is helping SMEs to have access to the latest infrastructure, thus reducing their in-house infrastructure costs.

Benefits of cloud computing for manufacturers

Compared to traditional on-premises solutions, cloud computing offers more reliability. It saves costs by eliminating upfront capital costs of managing and setting up an on-site data centre. In addition, its concurrent access provides is accessible to multiple users on to the software from any device, anytime. It offers scalability, both vertically by adding more resources to one’s server as on-demand and horizontally by adding more processing units or physical machines to one’s server or database. Lastly, the security to help manage threats, such as exploits, ransomware and others, by deploying a comprehensive cyber security strategy and emphasising multiple layers of protection.

Cloud IoT use cases in manufacturing

The growth of the cloud services market in India is driven by the increasing adoption of IoT, AI and Big Data. IoT connects multiple devices or appliances that need to be connected to the internet for automation and real-time control of the device, such as household appliances, connected cars and electronics, to communicate and store information. AI, on the other hand, is being embedded into IT infrastructure to help streamline workloads and automate repetitive tasks. The surge in the adoption of Big Data in India is also leading to the growth of the cloud services market as cloud infrastructure allows for the real-time processing of big data. Accordingly, the use of IoT in manufacturing will help in connecting machines and systems, enabling real-time asset monitoring, connecting intelligence in operations and predicting asset maintenance, among other things.

Cloud computing is a solution for storing data, performing analytics & driving intelligence for modern-day manufacturing. With its benefits & capabilities compared to on-premise solutions, the cloud is believed to facilitate product research, design and development. It aims to boost manufacturing operations, making them more productive, cost- & energy-efficient as well as streamlined.

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