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Xercsis Marker

Executive Vice President and Business Head,

Godrej Lawkim Motors

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ON-SITE CALIBRATION We are making calibration convenient

Jul 14, 2022

…says Xercsis Marker, Executive Vice President and Business Head, Godrej Lawkim Motors in this conversation with Huned Contractor while elaborating about fulfilling a need for on-site calibration given the enhanced needs of automated manufacturing in various sectors. Excerpts...

What sparked the idea for a mobile calibration van?

The concept for the mobile calibration van was an outcome of client requirements to maintain their equipment during the pandemic-triggered lockout and has since evolved into a value-added service for Godrej Lawkim Motors. It provides services at the customer’s doorstep, making calibration more convenient, without compromising on the quality of the calibration. After surveying our customers, we discovered that many of them have difficulty sending their instruments for calibration, so we developed the mobile calibration lab service.

The transit of the instrument is eliminated, thus reducing the process and instrument downtime. Besides, it provides bigger opportunities for our customers in the interior areas of the country. Most of the manufacturing industries such as aerospace and automobiles have multiple tools – both small and dimensional – that need a solution to calibrate on-site, thus saving time. Further, some large dimension instruments need on-site calibration. The mobile calibration van has helped solve this pain point for our customers.

How does it function and what are the services that it offers?

The mobile calibration van houses a range of calibration instruments and equipment as per the customer’s requirement. It offers up to 20 services on the go which includes dimension calibration. The mobile calibration lab has also been designed to ensure the lowest possible vibrations, thus maintaining instrument and calibration quality. It is also temperature and humidity-controlled and staffed with qualified lab technicians. The NABL accredited mobile calibration lab is largely offered as a value-added service.

What is the van’s geographical reach?

The mobile calibration lab is operational across the southern states of India including Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Kerala, with plans to expand pan-India in the coming months. The concept is not just to reach the customer but to take the lab itself to their doorstep. Going by the success of the present arrangement in the southern states and our market research efforts we see very good opportunities in other states such as Maharashtra and Delhi. We will replicate this in Gujarat too.

Which are the sectors it would be most useful for?

We designed this offering to be of the highest quality and aim at providing onsite calibration service to customers in industries such as automobile, aerospace and manufacturing, having a high volume of measuring equipment and requiring high precision.

How does it make it cost-effective for companies to use this service?

This calibration service will be beneficial to our customers by eventually reducing the cost of maintenance and repurchasing of equipment. It will reduce the time and money spent on transporting the equipment from the site to the lab for calibration and ensure quicker augmentation of the equipment thus, making it cost-effective. It will further eliminate and eliminate transit damage and reduce turnaround time.

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