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Prathmesh Dharkar

Founder & CEO

REOFT Technologies

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PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT The mission to innovate

Aug 19, 2019

…says Prathmesh Dharkar, Founder & CEO, REOFT Technologies, in his conversation with Anvita Pillai. He further discusses the solutions provided, major challenges faced, achievements and future plans. Excerpts…

What was the drive behind starting REOFT?

REOFT initially didn’t have a very smooth beginning and the odds were against us. We didn’t have any funding and faced many difficulties associated with it. Slowly, we started getting projects from my networks. It had been a dream to own a company that makes futuristic gadgets and now we have a small office where we work and turn this dream into reality. The drive behind starting REOFT was to always continue the process of innovation no matter what.

How is REOFT different than other companies in the market that provide IoT, telematics solutions, applications developments, and other similar services as your company?

REOFT was started with the mission to innovate and to make products that create order from chaos and to be the enabler between work and humans to ease up their life. Our strength is that we provide in-house solutions for both, the hardware and software space. If a person comes to us with an idea, we try to provide them with a product or an app solution. Providing one-stop solution is what sets us apart from our competitors in the market. Be it IoT, automation, AI, ML, data science, blockchain, web/app development or anything else, our core team is capable of providing solutions to all of it.

What are some of the major challenges that you faced during the inception of REOFT?

When we started working on our first product in January 2016, which was completely based on embedded & IoT, developing it from scratch was the hardest thing for us as we had to design the circuits boards, develop the firmware for it and test it to ensure it is the best product in the market. Due to lack of funding, we had to invest our own money into it and that was the toughest challenge. Procuring electronic components also became a huge problem for us as we were developing the prototype. Somehow, as the time passed, we were able to identify the problems and then played smartly around it.

You have been in this industry for quite some while now. What would you say has been your biggest achievement to date? Are there any success stories that you would like to share with us?

We started REOFT during our early college days and the company had to go through some major ups and downs. Being a hardware & software start-up, it was tough to develop products while trying to survive simultaneously. We have faced a lot of rejections and a lot of acceptance, too. To survive and not giving up on our dreams and building products that will thrive is our biggest achievement to date.

Where does REOFT see itself in the next five years?

We are working extremely hard and we believe that only the combination of hard work and smart process will get us anywhere. Our long-term plan is to be a giant in the space of IoT. In the next five years, we would be working towards achieving that goal. Nobody knows when life will hit you with an immense opportunity you have been waiting for. We
are aiming for the stars and hopefully, in the upcoming year,
we will be able to land somewhere on the moon.

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