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T K Ramesh

Managing Director & CEO

Micromatic Machine Tools

MACHINE TOOLS The Indian manufacturing sector is full of opportunities

Jan 22, 2019

One of the possible ways to anticipate disruptive technologies in the long term is to look around other non-engineering industries to be cognizant of early changes there, and anticipate disruptions in the engineering sector. - T K Ramesh, Managing Director & CEO, Micromatic Machine Tools

With the 50-year completion of IMTEX this year, what significance does it hold for you and your company? How old is your company’s association with IMTEX?

It has extreme symbolic significance for the advancement and progress attained by the entire machine tool and manufacturing industry. We have grown from a modest beginning with manual machines to sophisticated state-of-the-art machines, with automation and intelligence.

What would be the big strategy/plan that you will be pursuing post-IMTEX in 2019, aimed at creating a big business impact?

For the last few years, we at AMG, have built up large capacities to manufacture a wide range of CNC lathes and machining centres. Our focus is on the globe. Having attained a commanding market share in India, we are concentrating now on the global scenario.

Digitalisation has been the most talked-about topic in the manufacturing industry today. Besides digitalisation, would you like to highlight any other technology advances that will have the maximum traction in the next two years?

While digitalisation has been the most talked about, a lot still needs to be done on the shop floor. In the coming years, there should be a lot of traction in connecting machine to the manufacturing system and getting into predictive manufacturing.

How do you assess the disruptive power of new technologies at an early stage and build a sustainable plan so as to respond to the technological disruptions, in the short-term and long-term?

By the very nature, disruptive technologies come suddenly. One of the possible ways to anticipate these in the long term is to look around other non-engineering industries to be cognizant of early changes there and anticipate disruptions in the engineering sector.

In your opinion, what is an industrial trend/concept/ myth which you would like to demystify within the Indian manufacturing sector?

One of the myths of Indian manufacturing, especially predominantly amongst young aspirants into the job market, is that the Indian industry is dirty and unexciting. Today, that is far from the truth. Once upon a time, it was perhaps not a particularly clean and safe place to be at, but today, shop floors are well laid out, with equipment that is modern, computerised and well kept, with cutting edge technology. Another important aspect to consider is that this career is remunerative, exciting, and full of opportunities.

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