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Vikas Khanvelkar, Managing Director, DesignTech Systems addresses the session on considering and adopting new and advanced technologies to add more value to engineering initiatives

Image: DesignTech Systems

News Technology conference by DesignTech Systems

Oct 3, 2016

At the recently held technology symposium organised by DesignTech Systems Ltd, industry speakers from IFB, Confident Dental Labs, Sridevi Tool Engineers and Ansycad Solutions through their presentations highlighted the value that the advanced technologies in product design and development can bring to the company enabling them to stay competitive

DesignTech Systems, a leading name in CAD/CAM/CAE, PLM and Additive Manufacturing technologies provider organised a technology seminar ‘Achieve product excellence through technology Impetus’ at Mumbai recently. The aim of this event was to showcase the latest and most advanced technologies in product design, analysis, validation and manufacturing to help companies build better products faster, economical and better than before. Using these technologies, the companies can not only achieve their product design and manufacturing goals, but through PLM solutions, they can also set-up well streamlined and optimised work processes to attain maximum efficiency.

In this event, DesignTech Systems demonstrated technologies at every stage of product lifecycle starting from concept development, 3D modeling and validation, product design analysis and simulation, rapid prototyping, alternative production technologies, to PLM for managing and optimising the entire product design.

Guest Speakers like J Arul Regan, Executive (R&D) IFB Industries Ltd. highlighted on how they are utilising Stratasys 3D printing technology to develop aesthetically appealing and functionally superior products in lesser time and costs. 3D printed models help IFB identifying design error and saving time in development cycle, which forms a major part of product design related decision process.

Abdul Kalam S from Sridevi Tool Engineers explained how Siemens NX technology helped build accurate mold designs, reduced design cycle time by 50 percent and increase profitability through improved mold making technology. Atul L. Godse – Technical Head – Ansycad Solutions presented on advantages of using Altair CAE suite of solutions for various product streams. He emphasised on how Altair HyperWorks solutions can be best used to increase product development quality. M. Shiva Shankar, MDS- Director, Confident Dental Laboratory Pvt Ltd shared SLM’s Metal 3D printing solutions comprehensive presentation on applications of 3D printing technology in dental industry and how Metal 3D printing technology is going to become an integral part of work process at dental labs.

Vikas Khanvelkar, Managing Director, DesignTech Systems Ltd, thrilled at the excellent turn out of engineering fraternity for this event stating, “It makes me happy to see the enthusiasm among the engineering industry to learn about, understand the advantages, and consider adopting new and advanced technologies to add more value to their engineering initiatives.

He further added that, “The intense competition, newer variants of products being launched more frequently than ever before, making a space in the price and quality sensitive market, making the right impression in front of the well informed and choosy consumers, has necessitated the companies to revisit and re-examine their product development approaches. Companies today have to constantly reinvent themselves and invest heavily into research and development to build innovative products that would appeal to the consumers better than the competition. Shrinking product life cycles, growing imperative to develop innovative products faster and better than the competition, higher bargaining power of the consumers has necessitated the companies into product design and development to adopt these latest technologies in product design and manufacturing. These technologies can help companies compress their design and development cycle, build better products faster than before, and hit the market early with smarter products that perform up to consumers expectations. With the help of advanced solutions of today, companies can configure ideal and well streamlined work flows that optimize the use of resources, thus enabling them enhance the overall working efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their operations. This facilitates them to bring down product development costs, thus, making it possible for them to offer their products in the market at competitive and compelling prices. This will help them expand their market share and remain resilient and relevant in today’s ever changing market space.”

Sanjay Daga, President – Operations at DesignTech Systems Ltd, exclaimed, “DesignTech has been a pioneer in popularising and promoting the use of latest technologies in the field of product design and development amongst the engineering Industry in India right from late 90s. During the 90s, when the CAD technology was revolutionising the way products were designed, DesignTech was one of the forerunner companies to popularise that amongst the Engineering industry in India. Today, when the Government of India, is striving to promote India globally as the preferred destination for product engineering and manufacturing, the indigenous companies here will have to build their infrastructure to match the global standards of engineering excellence. Through shows like these, we demonstrate the capabilities of the latest, the most advanced and proven technologies in product design, development and manufacturing that can help companies achieve their goals of product performance quality, aesthetics, while optimising the costs of development. New technologies such as 3D printing, PLM, digital manufacturing have revolutionized the way companies build products and manage processes. As the industry in India will see the value that these technologies can bring to their overall process efficiency and product quality enhancement, they will most certainly start implementing them at their facilities. It has now become imperative for the companies to do away with the traditional methods of product development and invest in the new technologies that can prove to be the game changers for the companies to become successful.”

This congregation saw people from cross vertical domains attending the event in large numbers. Live demonstration of Stratasys 3D Printer along with physical display of functional, multi-material and colorful 3D Printed parts added value to the seminars on 3D Printing technology as people could for themselves touch and feel the 3D Printed models.

Customer case study presentations helped the audience understand the clear benefits and applications of these technologies. Plethora of questions and queries asked after every technology demonstration was a clear indicator to the eagerness among the audience to learn more about these solutions, its applications and how it can help them add value in their area of work. Overall, this event on latest technologies in product engineering and development was very well received by the engineering fraternity and industry in Mumbai.

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