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Pritam Sahu


Edall Systems

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UAV MANUFACTURING Sectors, like the surveillance, show more requirements for drones

Jun 17, 2020

... says Pritam Sahu, Founder, Edall Systems, in this interview with Juili Eklahare. He explains how the start-up is helping the student community, the effect of the lockdown on drone orders, the large cargo drone development it is working on and what are the start-up’s long-term goals. Edall Systems started with providing service to National Aerospace Laboratories and followed by training on aerospace design in 2011 in Bangalore, India. The start-up is making itself an expert in all the domains of UAV development, including engineering service.

After graduation, you started training individuals, students and researchers to build drones, even as the job market was tough in the aftermath of the Lehman crisis. Now, with an even greater crisis hitting us all (the coronavirus), are you doing anything to help students and researchers?

To help the student community every year, we take interns, final year students or graduate students for some of our projects, which involve elements from drone designing to programming. We also conduct seminars on drones at colleges on request basis. As an organisation, we have collaborated with some universities in the field of drone development.

How has the demand from government bodies and research institutes, and also in general, for drones been affected ever since the lockdown in India and the spread of the coronavirus? Have they become more necessary in the current situation?

The lockdown has slowed down the demand for the field of infrastructure and transportation, where most drones are used for aerial survey. The current orders received in the field of development of drones, before the lockdown, are in progress. Some orders were paused during the lockdown and we are expecting to resume work on them, now that the lockdown is relaxed partially. Some sectors, like the surveillance, show more requirements for drones and drone-based services in comparison to other sectors. Also, drones are being used for sanitising corona-infected areas.

How successful has your company been in extending its operation into the commercial services area?

We provide services for various sectors in the government for infrastructure, transportation, administrative department and town planning services. Now, we have been providing our services to defence organisations, state governments, PSU and large to small private companies all over India.

Can you tell us any new drone designs that your company is working on, something similar to Nayan, an 18 kg, heavy-duty drone, with a wingspan of 3 m that can fly for three to five hours, that your team designed?

We are working on a few new designs to meet the requirements of our customers from the defence and civil sector, the field of cargo delivery, aerial mapping and surveillance. We have developed and delivered drones with a payload capacity of up to 15 kg. Now, we are working on a large cargo drone development with a payload capability from 2 kg to 20 kg, which can fly for 15 minutes to one hour for application in fields, from agriculture to defence.

What are your long-term goals for Edall Systems?

Our long-term goal is to be a potential UAV manufacturer in India, so that as a private company, we can supply UAV/drones for our national requirements for the defence and civil sectors and plus, be a part of government UAV development projects.

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