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DIGITALISATION Propelling for a sustainable future

Oct 16, 2019

Industries in India have been growing at a rampant pace for the past couple of years whilst concurrently, there has been a vital growing concern worldwide – accomplishing a sustainable world. To steer the focus of industries towards the growing need of adopting sustainability, Dassault Systèmes recently organised the ‘3D Experience Forum’ in New Delhi, India under the theme ‘Industry renaissance: Sustainable innovation and sustainable business for a sustainable world’. A post event report...

With the world approaching the next stage development in digital transformation, it is essential to draw attention towards the important subject of ‘sustainability’. India has been one of the largest and fastest growing economies; however, this rapid pace of advancement has led to some bothersome environmental impacts. To address this issue of sustainability and to steer attention towards how it can be an integral part of industrial operations, Dassault Systèmes recently organised a platform where real and virtual worlds came together to drive innovation collaborativly, keeping in consideration the various aspects of sustainability – in terms of both the environment as well as long-term business feasibility.

Striding towards an innovative tomorrow

Samson Khaou, Managing Director—India, Dassault Systèmes, kick-started the event extending a warm welcome to everyone. Highlighting some of the achievements of Dassault during this year, he proceeded to speak on what delegates were set to experience at the 3D Forum.

The event started with a session on ‘Mapping sustainable mobility – the road ahead’, hosted by Bharat Salhotra, Managing Director, Ronmas India. During this session, he touched on essential problems faced in urban India’s public transport and the necessity to adopt sustainable innovations in transportation and mobility. He asserted, “Urban India lags in public transport, with only 1.2 buses per one thousand people. Additionally, there is a reliance on fossil fuels, like diesel; most state transport authorities are in the red.”

Moving on with the event, next, Florence Verzelen, Executive Vice-President, Industry Solutions, Field Marketing, Global Affairs & Communication, Dassault Systèmes, took the stage to speak on ‘Sustainable innovation & sustainable business for sustainable world.’ She spoke on how one can leverage the new technological developments for sustainable innovations and grow a sustainable business protected market dynamic movement and how it will help build a sustainable world. She emphasised, “Sustainability can mean several different things. By being sustainable, you reach your goals and boost efficiency better by redirecting those investments. There’s also a massive sustainability market to win.”

Sustainable business models

Following this, Oliver Lahaye, Vice-President, Delmia Worldwide, Dassault Systèmes hosted an interactive session on ‘New categories of industrials’, providing an in-depth insight on how industry key players invent and apply sustainable business models. Lahaye started off the session speaking about digital transformation in the present times, its growing intensity and the necessity to adopt it swiftly. He then went on to invite Jayant Kapoor, Head of IT – Manufacturing, Havells and Prosenjit Sengupta, Chief Digital Officer, Thermax, on stage to push start the session. Kapoor and Sengupta warmed-up the audience with a brief knowledge about the journey of their respective companies so far. Subsequently, Lahaye posed a question about the level, rate and speed of digitalisation adoption in India to Sengupta, to which he replied, “In the next two-three years the digital natives are going to be there across the businesses, and we need to cater to them. To overcome the problems that we might face while catering to them, it is necessary we adopt certain measures, like making business live & digital, get data to increase insight and employ digital network to optimise value streams.”

Next, Suvankar Sen, Executive Director, Senco Gold and Diamonds, took the stage to provide an in-depth understanding of the ‘New categories of customers’. During the session, he elaborated on how 3D experience platform is enabling Senco to transform its jewellery business and how business can put customer at the heart of innovation during this period, where the innovation is a primal competitive arena in almost every sector.

Innovation vesting sustainability

Following this, Dr Rupamanjari Ghosh from Shiv Nadar University presented on ‘Empowering the workforce of the future’. She threw light on the growing need to educate, train and empower the workforce that will in turn aid in creating sustainable business for the future. She also provided insights on building a culture of knowledge and the know-how to train the upcoming workforce.

Post this, Javier Glatt, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, CadMakers, imparted knowledge on reimagining sustainable architecture through his session on ‘3D experience twin and the future of autonomous construction software’. During his session, he elaborated on digital twin being an essential technology implemented by the industry and the various ways it will assist industries to be more efficient whilst being cost-friendly concurrently. He also divulged into ways the 3D Twin Technology enables prefabrication and project automation, giving a boost to smart architecting.

Following this, Bernard Charles, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dassault Systèmes, offered a detailed picture on why ‘The story is the experience’ in this era of industry renaissance. He remarked, “At the core of the experience platform is inclusiveness. The platform revolution is all about connecting people who have never been connected before.” To pursue this theme further, Elisa Prisner, Vice-President Business Platform Experience, Dassault Systèmes, spoke on ‘Platform as a business model’. She discussed the importance of 3D experience platform in enabling sustainable business model and how it can transform the way one does business.

Metamorphosing the future

To finish off the sessions for the day by Dassault Systèmes on a prominent note, Khaou took the stage to address the crowd with the importance of sustainability and declaring India as a key player of the future, adroitly summarising the event. Dassault Systèmes created a pivotal platform for leaders around the world to address the growing necessity of a digital ecosystem, which connects people, ideas and solutions with the future, creating a pathway to traverse through this wave of transformation.

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