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Dr Dheepa Srinivasan

Chief Technology Officer

Intech DMLS

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ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING Our softwares and solution will speed up mass production

Jul 11, 2019

… says Dr Dheepa Srinivasan, Chief Technology Officer, Intech DMLS, in this conversation with Anvita Pillai, discussing about their latest alliance, partnerships, trends, objectives and more. Excerpts…

Intech recently entered into a partnership agreement with DMG Mori. How, according to you, is this alliance going to be a game changer for both, Intech and DMG Mori, globally as well as in India?

Intech DMLS is a pioneer in the metal AM field, not only in India, but globally. They have been able to run several 1000s of hours on the lasers and have a wealth of knowledge on the parameters to produce reliable parts for various sectors (automotive, aerospace, healthcare, tool and die, general engineering, space etc). DMG Mori stands to gain from the vast technical know-how generated at Intech to enter the AM market globally. Likewise, DMG-Mori being a market leader in the machine tool industry, our company stands to gain enormously from their reach to spread this technology and our name in the global context. Both application and sector wise, this partnership will be a game changer in revolutionising the metal additive industry.

Many industries are embracing 3D printing as a critical part of their R&D. Can you highlight the upcoming trends in this area?

A huge awareness has crept in India in all types of application sectors about metal AM. Over 60 metal 3D printing machines are now running in various laboratories, universities, national labs, and over 15 entrepreneurs have started metal 3D printing as a service in the recent two years in India. While most of them are still trying to establish additive technology and part production, research in this area is upcoming with new powder development, acceleration in software for enabling distortion-free complex geometries, mass production at affordable costs via productivity enhancements, establishing various mechanical properties and structure correlations and adopting design for additive manufacturing approaches.

Your company is already catering to aerospace tool & die, automotive, and general engineering industry what other verticals are you hoping to venture into?

We are looking forward to venture into the healthcare industry; to enable affordable healthcare solutions for the patient population and doctors alike is our next big goal.

Tell us more about Intech’s partnership with academic institutes. What kinds of projects are planned with them?

We are actively working with over two dozen premier institutions in India as well as abroad, successfully, via joint proposals to goverment funded programs, such as, IMPRINT, UAY, DST-SERB etc, student interns working on programs at Intech, summer internships from various Universities, industrial visits for students, to name a few. Besides, MOUs have been signed with IISc, IIT, Ropar, VIT, Vellore for long-term strategic partnership in AM material and product development.

You have been driving the vision and roadmap for large new technology and new product development projects. Do you think enough is happening in this space in the Indian industry and academic institutions? If not, which are the areas that need attention?

This technology is still somewhat nascent in the Indian context. The awareness has now crept in all sectors, which is a great thing, since curiosity and competitiveness will now take over to drive metal AM into various manufacturing applications. In particular, with the head start that is already existing on a dozen alloys, adaptation of AM in several sectors could be much more accelerated. Our additive software and hardware solutions with expert technological services will speed up the industry towards mass production, strongly competing against conventional cost.

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