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DIGITALISATION Opening up to Industry 4.0

Jan 2, 2019

A huge chunk of industries in India are in the primary phases of embracing Industry 4.0, while still not fully aware of how they can utilise it for their respective businesses. The second edition of IIoT conference by ISA Pune Section on ‘Digitalisation of Manufacturing through Industry 4.0’ was recently held in Pune, which focused on the digitalisation journey of industries and created a blue print for adopting Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 focuses on how new and existing tools can be used in ground-breaking ways. As it continues to modify the way we network with the world, new challenges find their way in. At the recently held second edition of IIoT conference by ISA Pune Section on ‘Digitalisation of Manufacturing through Industry 4.0’ in Pune, several of these challenges were addressed, along with providing a guideline for industries to adopt new technologies.

Re-skilling is a must

The conference began with the inauguration session by Ravi Manikar, President, ISA Pune Section. Stressing on how far automation has come, he said, “Automation used to touch industrial processes, but now it touches people’s lives directly. If we invest even 2% in automation, it will give a high rise in production.” Up next, Rajesh Rathi, District VP, ISA, spoke about what ISA has envisioned for itself–a strong industry connect through patents and speakers and a connect with policy makers.

This was followed by Viren Joshi, CEO & President, Sigma Electric Corp & President, CII Pune Zone, who gave the keynote address on ‘Unleashing potential of Industry 4.0 for business outcomes’. Speaking on re-skilling, Joshi cited, “We need to know if we can create a digital disruption to bring in the right skill-sets. Digitalisation will bring in some changes, but we cannot digitalise unless we re-skill.”

Vision and strategy

Subsequently, Sujata Tilak, Member, Steering Committee IIoT Conference & Past President, ISA Pune Section, shared where ISA stands in terms of IIoT. She asserted, “ISA & Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) have a liaison where they will work together to get IoT-related automation.” She also highlighted the ISA standards related to IIoT.

Afterwards, Venkatesan Gajapathy, Business Leader, Measurement & Sensing Division, BHGE South Asia, gave a presentation on the topic, ‘Digitisation in process and manufacturing industry segments’. He spoke of upstream, which involves evaluation, completion & production, etc; midstream, which includes pipelines, L&G processes, storages; and downstream, which consists of power, refining, petrochemicals, etc. Next, a panel discussion was held on the topic, ‘Experiences from Ground Zero’. The discussion was moderated by Dr Arvind Tilak, CEO, Ascent Intellimation. The panelists were Sachin Ghanapathi, Director–Manufacturing Functional Excellence, Cummins India ABO; Aniruddha Kadkol, Head-Delivery Manufacturing IT Systems, Automotive & Farm Sectors, Mahindra and Mahindra; Narendra Saini, Head–Product Development, Unlimit; and Vishal Pansare, Business Manager, Logicon Techno Solutions.

Saini expounded, “You have to address the digitalisation problem across the organisation and not just the shop.” Pansare further explained, “One first needs to have a vision and make a digitialisation plan for that vision. However, the plan needs to be implemented before the technology changes.”

Digitalisation is a tool

Kadkol went on to clarify that one needs to decide what one wants to digitalise and the tool will change accordingly. Furthermore, Ghanapathi also threw light on the implementation of Industry 4.0.

The conference further progressed into a presentation by Somnath Chakraborty, Director, Siemens PLM Software, on the topic, ‘Next frontier in IIoT: Digital Twin’. Later on, Avtar Bratch, Sales Director, Aucotec, UK & Ireland, spoke on the topic, ‘Industry 4.0 in Process Industries’. Ensuing, Nikhil Kelkar, Director–Products and GM, Pune R&D Centre, Siemens, gave a keynote address on the topic, ‘Evolving Ecosystem in Industry 4.0’.

Industry 4.0 in pharma

Moving forward, Ravi Kalla, Head–IT, Automation & Instrumentation, Anthem BioSciences, spoke on ‘Application of Industry 4.0 in Pharma’. He highlighted the challenges, such as, affordability and safety regulations. He also spoke of the technology trends in pharma like, 3D Printing and intelligent devices and more.

Don’t make Industry 4.0 a burden

The conference further delved into a presentation by Sujata Tilak on ‘Blue print for adoption of Industry 4.0’. She affirmed, “When a company brings in a new technology, it has to recognise that it changes the daily functioning of the people involved, or else the new technology will turn out to be a burden for them.” She went on to talk about Industry 4.0 and its components like, connectivity, customisation, internal costs and so on.

Cyber security issues

Next, Mandar Phadke, CEO, Abhisam Software and Director, Risknowlogy Solutions, gave his inputs on cyber security threats for connected plants. He said, “There are a few myths related to
industrial cyber security, such as, ‘cyber security issues will not result in physical harm’ or ‘network level security implies that one’s industrial system is secure’. So, in order to protect IIoT system, be aware of cyber vulnerabilities and do not allow your IACS to be used as a botnet.”

Later, Mahesh Jadhav, Technical Sales Manager–Bently Nevada, BHGE South Asia, gave a case study presentation on Asset Performance Management. This was followed by Prashant Bhosale, Plant Head, Terminal Technologies, who spoke on Terminal Technologies’ journey towards Industry 4.0, after which Shirish Kulkarni, Executive Director, Dynalec Controls, gave a presentation on ‘Using IIoT in test beds’.

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