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Rajat Bhambri

DIGITALISATION Offering consistent system openness

Nov 27, 2018

Rajat Bhambri, Business Head - Building Automation Solutions, Delta Electronics India, shares his views with Juili Eklahare, on the emphasis being put on sustainability to make buildings more comfortable and how the company believes in following a service-oriented approach. Excerpts…

How is Delta Electronics contributing to the automation industry in terms of building automation solutions?

We, at Delta Electronics India, constantly strive to increase the efficiency of our products and facilitate successful, smart buildings to enhance operations. Delta's building automation solutions combine an open building management platform with energy-saving HVAC, lighting and elevator products to enable smarter, greener buildings. Delta's Building Management and Control System (BMCS) operates on a single IP-based management platform based on standard international protocols and offers easy maintenance, with device configuration auto-backup and restores function with built-in virtual network computing monitor. With substantial system integration expertise, we also assure building safety with intelligent video surveillance technologies. Our solutions reduce the total energy, contributing to the company’s mission of providing innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.

What is Delta Electronics’ approach when working with clients on new projects or in new sectors?

We look to offer outstanding scalability and consistent system openness, with a wide range of freely programmable automation solutions that do not just enhance occupant comfort and productivity but are also energy efficient. Our approach is to deploy these automation solutions, tailored according to specific needs in order to achieve high levels of building efficiency while also minimising the cost to operate and maintain the building. We believe in following a service-oriented approach to overcome and define a common way to develop, engineer, provide commission, operate and maintain building automation systems.

What current trends and challenges do you identify in building automation solutions?

In a growing economy like India’s, the demands are continuously increasing, and with swelling urbanisation, rapid infrastructure growth is expected to continue to have its dominance. A lot of emphasis is being put on sustainability, emergence and adoption of green & smart building concept, coupled with enhanced need of flexibility and reduced energy consumption so as to make buildings self-sustainable and more comfortable. However, interconnectivity, remote access, mitigation of errors, security and management of these buildings pose as a challenge sometimes.

Where is the journey heading in the long-term for Delta Electronics and what will change for the customers through the developments?

Pursuing every possible improvement is the way forward for us. We have always worked towards achieving innovation and systematically developing new products and technologies, particularly focusing on high-efficiency and energy-saving solutions, for a better tomorrow. It helps us make possible a greener and more environment-friendly way of life.

Buildings account for a significant part of energy consumption, while emitting large amounts of greenhouse gases, and we aim to convert more buildings into green buildings. Building-related carbon reduction measures are among the most cost-effective, which include insulation, lighting, air-conditioning and hot water supply. Therefore, we focus on a safe and pleasant working environment and work towards minimising waste, emissions and energy and water use.

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