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Manish Kant Sahay

Managing Director


ACCLIMATISING NEW TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGES Innovation is about forming a robust innovation capacity

Sep 12, 2022

…says Manish Kant Sahay, Managing Director, Leuze, in this interview with A&D India magazine. He discusses how acclimatising to new technological changes is the only way to stay ahead, how automation continuously gives rise to new requirements aimed at ensuring people’s safety and how intelligent sensors are in demand since digitalisation has a positive impact on our lives. Excerpts…

How do you see the level of adoption of advanced automation technologies in the Indian industry? Which are the industry sectors that look promising in this area?

Acclimatising to new technological changes and constant progression is the only way to stay ahead. With technological advancements happening globally, India is also one of them. Many companies are adopting latest automation technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, etc. Some of the promising sectors include textile, food & beverage, finance & healthcare, packaging, intralogistics and automobile.

As the Sensor People, what is your current focus for safety development in the manufacturing industry through sensors?

Now a days, the advance of automation in the manufacturing industry places increased demands on safety concepts. Automation continuously gives rise to new requirements aimed at ensuring people’s safety. This is why we have bundled our expertise in work and machine safety into one portfolio. Our current focus in the manufacturing industry is to provide –

  • Safety from a single source: We are able to provide one with all the components, from the sensor to control, from a single source, with maximum user friendliness & all optimally matched to each other.

  • Experienced safety specialists machine safety solution: We offer extensive services for machine safety, like risk assessment, safety system design, stop time measurement & safety training.

  • Experts for one’s application: Our specialised application know-how means that we can offer a unique insight into applications related to safety.

  • Innovative safety: From the very first photoelectric sensor to concepts like Smart Process Gating – we actively shape the advances made in the industry.

In the times of establishing contactless operations, the sensor industry is in great demand for innovation and bringing in new technologies. Do you think innovation is more than just R&D?

R&D is a key indicator of technological innovation. Innovation isn’t just about R&D spending but about forming a robust/reliable innovation capacity. Innovation can happen by sharpening existing strengths and growing capabilities. A well-functioning innovation team should have capabilities beyond any R&D department or existing technologies. However, truly breakthrough innovation does pay off and these benefits are too vague. The same applies in the sensor industry. Intelligent sensors are in demand since digitalisation has a positive impact on our lives. Sensors will offer a variety of benefits in the future and, as a result, one will find an array of benefits that are tailored to the application area. One example is e-commerce, which is growing by leaps and bounds.

What’s your plan for Leuze in India for the next five years? Are you looking at any partnerships/collaborations?

We aim at becoming a 100 cr+ organisation by 2026. We are already producing a few articles in India with our technology partners at three different locations, which are sold globally. For local needs, we want to have a small production & assembly unit in India in the next one to two years. Plus, we have a continuous hiring plan at different locations in the next five years.

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