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MACHINE TOOLS IMTEX 2019: Exploring the visitor mindset

Feb 19, 2019

IMTEX 2019 reached a new hallmark this year with its completion of 50 years. The exhibition has evolved tremendously over these years, especially with technological advancements taking place in the Indian manufacturing sector and the SME sector finding its place in it. While it was yet another year of umpteen exhibiting, meeting new customers and networking at IMTEX 2019 recently, exhibitors also gained a new perspective on the visitors that have been visiting the esteemed exhibition for years. The Viewpoint section takes a peek into the visitor mindset and finds out how the exhibitors’ exchanges have changed with time and what the visitors expect from IMTEX.

Customers are matching their steps with global manufacturers - Tarang Parikh, Managing Director, YG-1 Industries India

At IMTEX 2019, we launched many products in the automotive segment. Additionally, we have brought in many products in the aerospace segment, as that is the future in India after automotive. Customers have diversified from traditional automotive shops to highly precise aerospace components. That’s the best part about IMTEX—it is very diverse. It is also one of the best platforms to brand and network for a company. The customer trend too, has changed. People would come in the earlier days to just collect catalogues. But now, they are hungry to discover new technology and how it can benefit their businesses and are seeking to find ways in which they can reduce their costs, increase productivity and get their customers the best solutions. The trend has gone from traditional to technical—people are keener on discussing the latest technology available. Everyone, who visits IMTEX, is looking for the best solutions that they can get. Customers come prepared and do their homework before coming here — sometimes, they are even more prepared than the exhibitors themselves. They are matching their steps with global manufacturers and are thinking globally. This mindset will help strengthen the country and make us technologically strong.

It has been amazing to see the huge amount of confidence in the SME sector - Ravi Raghavan, Managing Director, Bharat Fritz Werner

IMTEX has grown immensely over the years. The quality has improved and we have more space to display solutions, which can show proof and build confidence in customers. We have put different technologies in different machines and the purpose of the displays is to show that this technology has been developed and is there. This year’s exhibition was a great platform to showcase what we have been working on and what we can deliver to the customer. Exhibitors are becoming more focused and identifying their customers, their requirements, and more specifically, showing them what they need. This is a great shift, because the efficiency of communication increases and the ultimate purpose is achieved by both the parties. Customers come with a team of their top management and not just a few buyers or engineers. Besides, many of them accompany not only to be part of this buying group, but also to see and explore latest technological solutions.

It has been amazing to see the huge amount of confidence even in the SME sector now. Irrespective of the size or the experience of the customer, they want to make a serious bet and do not get intimidated by the size of the enterprise. They ask relevant questions, push through what they can expect to be of maximum value to them and want this value addition to be delivered to them. People have started thinking about the future as well—one group looks at what to buy now, while the other technical group discusses what has to be done next.

A great opportunity to witness the latest technology developments - Chandrashekar Sharma, VP, Industrial Tooling & Machining Solutions Group, Kennametal India

With IMTEX completing 50 years this year, the exhibition is a great platform that offers global exposure. This year at the exhibition, we have displayed our latest products with tools and machines. Our displays also included solutions in transportation machining and their components, aerospace and energy component machining. The displays created a lot of buzz and enhanced the interest level of our customers and target market. While we expected good enquiries and business prospects, it was also a great opportunity for us to witness the latest technological developments over a period of time and find out what the others are offering as solutions and the expectations of the customers. Market segments from the automotive, aerospace, energy as well as the Defence Ordinance Board have contributed to a great mix of customers and made it a great show. We received enquiries from senior visitors and executives from the user segment and even machine-makers. With the growth story of India being so powerful in the coming years, most customers were looking to make their presence felt in the coming years. They have envisaged an interest in the new technology that has been displayed and how it can be used in their plant, so as to enhance the performance in their own industry.

Facilities have improved in terms of infrastructure at IMTEX - A K Sareen, Managing Director, CERATIZIT Group

IMTEX is the biggest show in India for cutting tools and has improved a lot from the earlier days when it was held in Delhi or sometimes in Bengaluru. So, I think it’s a big plus that we are now fixed in one place. It is a humungous platform where not only Indian but international players in cutting tools, can come together. Also it’s wonderful how visitors from across the country and other parts of the world pay the exhibition a visit to interact and network. Interaction with visitors is still, more or less, the same. However, the facilities have certainly improved, in terms of infrastructure. Customers have a high level of interest here, who come to look at other options for their projects and people from the industry are using this platform to showcase new products, so that they can attract new customers. Our main objective at IMTEX was to showcase our four brands together on one platform. We are also showcasing lots of futuristic and innovative tools, and also present our capability as a group and bring in effective solutions for our customers.

Any new concept, when launched in IMTEX, needs to be perfected - Santosh Prabhu, Managing Partner, Tool Grinding Technologies

Participation in IMTEX is a part of our life, without which we have no identity. Technology is percolating down into the smallest corners of the industrial layers and is being transferred to the next segment of tool-makers in the automotive segment, which is an immense change in affordability. With our expertise of 14 years in this field, we have sold around 150 machines to companies in India and abroad. It’s a cyclic market where our previous machines speak about our market image and our service and refurbishment leaves an impression. It curates a trust factor between the company and customers. The global market, which is more cognisant, determines our success by acknowledging a simple prospectus — if one has 8 to 9 customers out of 10 still with them, one has a successful product. Over the past two years, we have ventured into four different markets — Germany, the US, Thailand and Indonesia. Taking into consideration the Indian market, we have to scale up our production by almost a third of the current rate. Thus, our first strategy is to increase capacity by building a new factory at Peenya, in Bangalore, which will also hold a demo centre and a showroom. The second strategy is to establish TGT in Germany and the US, by converting the direct sales into tech-centres.

Helping the industry to achieve manufacturing excellence - Santosh Kawade, Deputy General Manager – South, DesignTech Systems

We have been a loyal participant of the IMTEX exhibitions since many years. This year, we showcased some of the advanced CAE solutions, 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing technologies. These solutions help the industry with their goals of product design and manufacturing excellence through solutions that augment productivity, generate greater ROI and enable them to achieve higher cost effectiveness. They also help them to remain competitive in the fast changing market space. We also showcased Product Design Analysis i.e. CAE solutions from Altair Engineering, and 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing technologies from Stratasys. Besides this, our company has recently tied up with PTC as their value-added reseller so as to promote and sell IoT (Internet of Things), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions, ThingWorx and Vuforia in India. This is the entire range of solutions, which we have highlighted at IMTEX this year.

Customers walk into IMTEX with an objective in mind - Shankar Karnik, General Manager, Industrial Lubricants, ExxonMobil

IMTEX 2019 not only provides the prospect to meet with our customers but also gives us the opportunity to reach out to equipment builders that we work with and new ones as well. In terms of products, we showcase a complete range of metal-working fluids, which address the needs of the machine tool industry in general. When I say metal-working fluids, it goes beyond just the water-soluble cutting oils and operations that are done through the machine tools, but we also cater to the system requirements of the industry, such as, hydraulic oil and the range of greases and gear oils. Exhibitors are bringing in new technology and there is a trend towards reducing the size of equipment while it delivers the desired output. There is also a significant evolution in the components that are used. These are some of the aspects that we see externally that help the customers be more competitive in the global arena. Besides, we make sure that our customers select the right products, which are not only economically beneficial but also safe. We further cater to the environmental aspects right from the formulation stage, whether there is regulation or not. But our standards of delivery and products are the same across the world. Additionally, customers walk into IMTEX with a certain objective in mind. They are here to make decisions about the machines displayed here, based on their operational and customers’ needs. So, the interaction levels with customers are going up, where they are more aware and are at this forum to look for solutions. GST, also, has certainly helped make things much simpler while transacting with customers around the country.

IMTEX is more of showcasing technology for us - Balwant Singh Bains, Head-Product Management & Marketing, Zavenir Daubert

IMTEX is the platform where the interaction with the existing customers happens at a different level. We are also getting a chance to understand new areas, which we probably didn’t focus on earlier. It helps to connect with prospects in terms of bringing new products that we are planning. It also helps us to test whether a particular technology/product is sought after and brings in excitement, which has been relevant for us. We don’t do much of order-handling at IMTEX; it’s more of showcasing our technology. So, our interaction here is more of understanding what is new. As the theme for IMTEX has often been around Industry 4.0, we have introduced the concept of Chemical 4.0. This concept helps explain where chemical process management can be done through web-based services, which has garnered an interest from people. It is a gamut of things put together like, chemical process optimisation (value engineering of chemicals processes, right from the beginning to the end and the compatibility of the chemicals) and then process control of these chemicals while they are working in the tank, which is captured in a central system through IT systems. And then, tracking is done to ensure that the parametres are within the range.

We have also got a lot of enquires for distributorship. In terms of industry applications, we have DAUBERT 360 Program that has been helping our Indian customers get real-time truly global support & expert consultancy, that includes technical study, corrosion preventive packaging designing, validations in lab/field and support at receiving location in India or internationally. By focusing on customer’s customer, we have been able to reduce rejections, speed up response times, provide insights & assist in Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) processes at the international location.

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  • Tarang Parikh

    Managing Director

    YG-1 Industries India

  • Ravi Raghavan

    Managing Director

    Bharat Fritz Werner

  • Chandrashekar Sharma

    VP, Industrial Tooling & Machining Solutions Group

    Kennametal India

  • A K Sareen

    Managing Director


  • Santosh Prabhu

    Managing Partner

    Tool Grinding Technologies

  • Santosh Kawade

    Deputy General Manager – South

    DesignTech Systems

  • Shankar Karnik

    General Manager, Industrial Lubricants


  • Balwant Singh Bains

    Head-Product Management & Marketing

    Zavenir Daubert

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