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EFFICIENCY OF GRINDING OILS High-performance grinding oils for higher machine efficiency

May 30, 2022

When talking about grinding oils, manufacturers look for oils that ensure better surface quality, minimal cavities on the cutting edges, improve security, can be easily removed from the tool surface, and that also ensures a smooth coating process. High-performance grinding oil also helps improve quality and cost-effectiveness of operations. This case study discusses the proven efficiency of Blaser Swisslube’s grinding oils and rightful use made by Hugo Limmer.

Werkzeugschleiferei Hugo Limmer, a specialises in the production of high-precision cutting and machining tools, started an initial test phase using Blaser’s Blasogrind GTC 7 grinding oil. Its goals were faster grinding processes, fewer dressing intervals and machine idle times, better process security, fewer rejects, better surfaces and optimum human compatibility. Blasogrind passed the test with flying colours, and all goals were achieved. Machine efficiency also increased by 15%.

Werkzeugschleiferei Hugo Limmer was established in 2000 and is based in Waakirchen in Bavaria, Germany. The company focuses on the production of high-precision cutting, drilling, milling and special tools, and on sharpening services for the mechanical engineering, aerospace and medical technology industries. The team at the tool grinding shop has many years of experience and manufacture within very tight tolerances. Implementing such high-precision grinding processes reliably and efficiently calls for a suitable high-performance grinding oil.

Looking for a coolant solution tailored to its production processes, company's founder Hugo Limmer and the responsible industrial engineer Linus Erlacher contacted the specialists at Berner + Straller GmbH in Munich, the official business partner of Blaser Swisslube in Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia. The experts from Berner + Straller and Blaser examined the grinding processes, looking for ways to optimise operations. The first machine was filled with Blaser GTC 7, and gradually more machines were switched over in the following years.

Ambitious targets

At the start of the cooperation, a comprehensive analysis of the current situation was carried out and goals were defined. The new metalworking fluid needed to be almost odourless, as well as offering optimum human compatibility and low misting. “At the same time, we wanted to continuously improve productivity and quality, to get the most out of the available resources and in this way to add economic value,” recalls Limmer. A metalworking fluid that is well-matched to all parameters – from the material being processed, the grinding wheels and the machines to the machine environment – can have a significant impact on the entire production process.

Blaser Swisslube application engineer Martin Reichhart, explains, “That’s why we examine all the details in order to find the ideal metalworking fluid. When used correctly and complemented by customised services, the right metalworking fluid becomes a liquid tool and increases overall productivity.” When it came to the production processes used at Werkzeugschleiferei Hugo Limmer, the obvious choice was the Blasogrind GTC 7 high-performance grinding oil.

With its performance-oriented formulation, this grinding oil is associated with high removal rates, long dressing intervals and excellent surface quality. It is odourless, colourless and clear, with very low cobalt leaching. Blasogrind GTC 7 is suitable for machining tungsten carbide, ceramics and cermet, both for tool grinding and sharpening and for profile and creep feed grinding. The fast air release guarantees optimal cooling performance and prevents micro-cracks in the tool.

Increased machine efficiency

The Blaser product won over the decision-makers within the first few days of the initial test phase. According to Hugo Limmer, “Machine efficiency was improved by 15%, and the cycle time was reduced significantly. Blasogrind GTC 7 also scored highly in terms of human compatibility. We couldn’t be happier.” The new grinding oil ensures better surface quality and minimal cavities on the cutting edges. Process security for large batches has been significantly improved, and idle times per machine have been minimised. In addition, the grinding oil can be easily removed from the tool surface, ensuring a smooth coating process.

Blasogrind GTC 7 also makes a compelling case when it comes to economic efficiency. The costs of this metalworking fluid, which are slightly higher than in the past, are more than made by the increased productivity: Blasogrind GTC 7 enables Werkzeugschleiferei Hugo Limmer to produce more efficiently, saving around Euros 67,000 per calendar year. These are successes that will be built on further: Werkzeugschleiferei Hugo Limmer, Blaser Swisslube and Berner + Straller intend to continue working closely together in the future to further optimise productivity and quality.

Courtesy: Blaser Swisslube

Image Gallery

  • Left to right: Roland Brouczek, Hugo Limmer, Linus Erlacher and Martin Reichhart at the Rollomatic 620XS

    Left to right: Roland Brouczek, Hugo Limmer, Linus Erlacher and Martin Reichhart at the Rollomatic 620XS

  • Linus Erlacher inspects a cutting edge on the Zoller measuring machine

    Linus Erlacher inspects a cutting edge on the Zoller measuring machine

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