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INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET WEEK Harting Technology Group announces Industrial Ethernet week

Feb 4, 2022

Harting Technology Group is conducting an Industrial Ethernet week themed ‘Industrial Ethernet Switches: Visions for IIoT and sensor to cloud’ on February 8-10, 2022, where automation experts and thought leaders will discuss Ethernet on the course to IIoT.

Harting Technology Group will be inviting customers and industry experts to the Industrial Ethernet Week – a week packed with talks and information on the topic of Ethernet communication in factory automation. This week is commencing on February 8-10, 2022. Current and future solutions that are ready to spring into action enabling IIoT will be highlighted. The company’s experts will have dialogues with numerous guests from the industrial sector about which IIoT applications users will need to have on their radar screens. The Harting Industrial Ethernet Week is geared to impart knowledge, inspire and show solutions for the ongoing industrial transformation. It will throw light on Ethernet topics, such as the right connectivity, Sensor2cloud, SPE and Artificial Intelligence. The guest companies are going to be Kuka Robotics, B&R Industrial Automation, SICK, Analog Devices, Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co KG, SPE Industrial Partner Network and Erium.

Experts from the automation industry will be addressing all topics relevant to Ethernet for three days, including questions such as which systems are in use today? and which technologies will be necessary to realise IIoT applications?

Excerpts of the agenda

February 8, 2022, Tuesday is dedicated to new technologies. Some of the questions that will be answered are –

  • How will Ethernet develop in the future as a communication medium for industrial automation?

  • What new technologies will be needed to meet the greater challenges for new applications?

  • What role will Artificial Intelligence play?

  • What potential do SPE, OPC UA and TSN open up for a seamless connection from sensors to the cloud?

February 9, 2022, Wednesday will focus on the following aspects –

  • How will the design of devices change?

  • Advancing miniaturisation and increased demands on the data processing of individual IIoT protagonists will call for new approaches in the design-in process

At the same time, the necessary infrastructure for new tasks must also be available. The company will take a look at compact, space-saving connectivity and SPE as a new physical layer and how it can be integrated into new device generations. In wrapping things up, it will address the issues as to what effects will the preceding questions have on installation technology.

February 10, 2022, Thursday is dedicated to the installation world. There will be no IIoT without the right connections. Here, the discussions will focus on gaining an overview of the right interfaces that are suitable for each and every application. From familiar solutions to new, resource-saving connections that actively support miniaturisation.

Click here to register for free and join the Industrial Ethernet Week 2022.

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