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MACHINE TOOLS GOLDEN JUBILEE OF IMTEX Celebrating a milestone in building technological connections

Jan 15, 2019

On the occasion of celebrating the Golden Jubilee year of IMTEX this year, with over 890 exhibitors participating from 23 countries along with a group participation of 7 countries and additional display pavilions and concurrent events, IMTEX 2019 will display the latest advancements and pristine trends in industrial technology. The cover story gives a glance of what is to be expected at IMTEX 2019, which marks the new era of manufacturing, followed by a series of interviews of industry experts, who share their insights on being driven by upcoming transformative technologies and a vision of the future vis-à-vis work performance, organisation and leadership in companies.

Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) is organising its flagship IMTEX 2019 and Tooltech 2019 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bangalore, from January 24 to 30, 2019. The global apex exhibition will showcase the latest trends as well as technological refinements in machine tools and cutting tools, from India and other global players. The exhibition magnetises visitors and delegates of manufacturing and ancillary industries, including key decision and policy makers as well as industry captains, who are keen to source the latest technologies and manufacturing solutions for their product lines.

A glorious chronicle of 50 golden years

The primary objective behind organising IMTEX was to acquaint the trade and user industries with the latest developments by indigenous machine tool manufacturers.

The beginning

IMTEX started in the year 1969 with the participation of 26 IMTMA member companies from India along with Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute and Indian Institute of Technology. Following this, the IMTEX 1972 coincided with IMTMA’s silver jubilee and focused on highlighting the advancements made by Indian manufacturers in the field of design and diversification. With over 120,000 visitors, business contracts of ₹6 million and enquiries worth ₹250 million, it was inarguably a successful event.

Making a mark

Soon, by 1975, the exhibition acquired a brand image as the largest product-based industrial show in India. It featured over 500 machines and over 100 newly developed machine tool products by Indian manufacturers and raked in business enquiries of ₹2,000 million and export enquiries worth over ₹20 million at the exhibition.

In the next few years, the exhibition made the paramount achievement of having 40% of the exhibits open to visitors. With a huge number of visitors from India as well as overseas, the exhibition aided business contracts of ₹300 million, enquiries of ₹1,500 million and export orders worth ₹100 million. In the subsequent years, IMTEX played host to 125 overseas companies from USA, the UK, Switzerland, Japan and West Germany. With an increasing participation from overseas, the exhibition rapidly turned into the country’s largest specialised show with 650 companies, including 240 firms from 18 overseas countries participating. The major attractions in the IMTEX exhibition held in 1986 were the display of 120 CNC machine tools and the display of the first indigenously-built industrial robots.

The Baptism of IMTEX

In 1989, upon the completion of 20 triumphant years, the All India Machine Tool Exhibition was officially re-christened as Indian Machine Tool Exhibition (IMTEX). The exhibition had the privilege of being inaugurated by Shri Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India. Over 200,000 visitors came in for the exhibition from all over the world.

A hallmark at the country’s capital

In 1992, IMTEX moved to New Delhi and was inaugurated by R Venkataraman, the then President of India. The major attraction of the fair was the presence of 200 CNC machine tools and several robots. High growth in all sectors of Indian engineering industry assisted the exhibition and facilitated overseas and domestic businesses.

In 1995, the exhibition was inaugurated by the country’s highest constitutional authority, Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma, the then President of India and witnessed a group participation from Spain, Israel and Germany. Merely a few years later, five halls were earmarked exclusively for Tooltech exhibits, which was unprecedented at that time. The exhibition was a grand success with participation of 25 overseas companies, the largest being HMT Limited. By the dawn of the 21st century, the exhibition succeeded in consolidating the close bonds between manufacturers and users.

The birth of BIEC—IMTEX’s very own exhibition centre

In 2004, IMTEX, once again, entered the shores of Mumbai. With 1,150 exhibitors from 27 countries, the exhibition lived up to its true image of being the most comprehensive exhibition of manufacturing solutions in South and South-East Asia. An interesting facet of the Indian representation was the presence of over 95% of the machine tool industry at the exhibition. This overwhelming participation urged the birth of BIEC—the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre constructed and opened for hosting IMTEX & Tooltech at Bangalore in 2007.

In the upcoming years, the exhibition split into two shows— IMTEX Cutting and IMTEX Forming, held alternate years. IMTEX 2017 and Tooltech 2017 held in BIEC attracted a footfall of 75,440 visitors. worth ₹1,670 crores and enquiries to the value of ₹18,989 crores were generated during the exhibition. Compared to IMTEX 2015, the booked orders increased by 16% whereas the enquiries generated increased by 21%.

More to expect from IMTEX 2019

On the occasion of IMTEX celebrating its golden jubilee year, a concurrent event known as Tooltech 2019 will further demonstrate machine tool accessories, metrology and CAD/ CAM cutting tools, tooling systems and current trends in the tooling industry. Additional display pavilions will serve among the chief attractions of the events, which include the i2 Pavilion or the Industry-Institution Pavilion, Future Tech—Factory of the Future, and the Additive Manufacturing Expo (AME) 2019.

Additive Manufacturing Expo 2019

AME 2019 will present Additive Manufacturing, a prerequisite for taking production to the next level. It will provide a stage to technologies such as, 3D Printing, which are essential to move up the ladder and compete globally. The pavilion will have zones focusing on innovation in product development, engineering and manufacturing, development of products through Additive Manufacturing (component gallery), technology profiling and keynote presentations. To encourage youth participation, the pavilion will host start-up zones and case study presentations for engineers and students.

Factory of the Future

I4.0 is a collective term for new technologies that are disrupting traditional manufacturing landscape. These include emerging technologies, such as, Smart Machines and CNC, 3D Printing, sensors, advanced robotics, CPS: Cyber-Physical Systems, Industry 4.0 motors and actuators with integrated control and communication layer, Internet of Things (IoT), simulation, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Advanced Analytics. I4.0 is split into two expos—Industry 4.0 Hardware and Industry 4.0 Software. The highlights of the Industry 4.0 Hardware pavilion will be data acquisition and security solutions, communication & networking, guided vehicles, smart handling & transfer systems, humanoid/ corporation robots (Cobots) and vision systems. The I4.0 Software Expo will focus on CAD/CAM/CAE, ERP, Industry 4.0-integrated systems and Smart Factory solutions.

i2 Pavilion—The Industry-Institution Pavilion

Directed by the need for industry-academia linkage, IMTMA has readily opened Indian academia institutions to participate in its prestigious exhibition, through i2 Pavilian (industryinstitution), with an opportunity for Indian academic/R&D institutions to showcase their R&D capabilities in metal-working field. This participation will be through display of four posters and product demonstration from each institution. IMTMA will provide the display space to selected institutions free of charge.

Image Gallery

  • IMTEX will showcase the latest trends as well as technological refinements in machine tools and cutting tools, from India and other global players

  • “IMTMA took a lead in showcasing global developments when the Indian manufacturing industry was in a nascent stage. We made a start 50 years ago and we are immensely proud of how the show has evolved in 5 decades and fostered an understanding
    among the manufacturing fraternity”

    Jamshyd N Godrej,

    Chairman, Exhibitions – IMTMA, and

    CMD, Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co

  • “It is at IMTEX that latest technologies which are widely prevalent in overseas countries are launched and displayed live. The current edition will showcase advanced technologies like, 3D Printing, Internet of Things, automation, robotics, and Industry 4.0.”

    P Ramadas,

    President, IMTMA &

    MD, Ace Manufacturing Systems

  • “It is incredibly inspiring to see how a brand impacts trade in a positive way and leaves its imprints in the timeline. The wheel which was set in motion 50 years ago with All
    India Machine Tool Exhibition, as it was known back then, was a significant one. We are glad that as we celebrate 50 years of IMTEX, we get an opportunity to retell the story to our modern generation and inspire them to take forward the torch which was ignited by our
    founding fathers when they organised the first exhibition 50 years ago.”

    V Anbu,

    Director General & CEO,


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