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Surender Sood, Managing Director, Marposs India

Image: Marposs India

IMTEX 2017 “Emphasising on Industry 4.0”

Apr 10, 2017

...says Surender Sood, Managing Director, Marposs India, in an interaction with Maria Jerin. He also enlightened about the latest happenings in measurement technology and the company’s initiatives in meeting the ever changing requirements of the customers. Excerpts...

Can you brief us on your company’s presence for the Indian market?

We have started our Indian operations in a small way to provide value addition, and now with the help of certain partners, we are able to supply measuring solutions by taking the heart-of-the- systems from our parent company. Our product range is primarily the electronic gauging for in-process and post-process inspection and measuring systems. We carry out automation and localisation of the parts in India to provide a more economical solution and at the same time, maintain high quality standards. This year, we are giving a major emphasis to Industry 4.0.

What are the upcoming trends witnessed in the measurement technology industry?

Currently, the industry is trending towards unmanned operations in the production environment. As a result, we are emphasising the measurement during part production on the machine itself in a very precise manner. Our monitoring and measuring systems with the feedback facility will play a key role, and in future, we are expecting a surge in this business. In the past few years, the quality of Indian component manufacturing has been well accepted globally, particularly in the automotive industry. Today, the focus is also shifting towards the aerospace industry, where we are able to suffice the quality measuring standards.

Given that, manufacturing industry is moving towards Industry 4.0, what are your company’s latest developments aligning with this trend?

With the introduction of Industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry has to monitor the production process by collecting & processing data for metrological functions & operational features with a view to ensure higher product quality as well as traceability. Marposs can offer various sensors, which can be installed on the machine and our electronic units with dedicated softwares, it has been designed to communicate with existing systems for this purpose. As such, Marposs solutions provide data collection/analysis/feedback for correction during manufacturing to ensure quality of the final product.

Can you brief us on your participation at the recent IMTEX 2017? What were the new launches witnessed during the show?

Today, customers are demanding more flexible solutions. Since the lifecycle of the product is quite short even in the case of the automotive industry, we are advancing solutions that always meet high-precision requirements. Focusing on the optical technology, we have the Optoquick machine that gives the same accuracy as contact measurement systems upholding the same flexibility. We also provide monitoring solutions for the production of components to ensure the accurate quality of the end product.

At IMTEX, we highlighted ‘one cable control network’ system called BLÚ that represents a new approach to the concept of a localised network on a machine tool. The BLÚ system architecture enables real-time communication between various internal and external machine function nodes. Each function node adopts technical solutions that are suitable for use on machine tools and permit the devices to be connected to Marposs Group products: gauges, gap-crash control acoustic sensors, balancing systems, etc. The use of a single cable connection between the various nodes not only reduces installation and maintenance times, but also simplifies the work necessary to lay-out the network, and to expand it at a future date.

Going forward, what would be your future plans and strategies for the Indian market?

Currently, we are engaging more on technical matter contribution and knowledge transfer with the best talent available in India to our parent company. With the increase in such interaction, now we are able to give real-time feedback distinctly. Moving ahead, we are emphasising more on customer satisfaction. We have expanded our team and we are looking forward to further strengthen our internal capabilities to respond to our customer’s requirements faster. This helps our customers to maintain continuous production in their manufacturing environment without any interruption.

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