Technology does not live on facts alone. Inspire decision makers in the industry with exciting reports, fascinating insights, strong advertising impulses and up-to-date industry news. We support you in reaching a distinctive profile! Faszination. Technik.
The corporate channel, with your unique corporate identity, creates
trust & reputation in the market.

Embedded within our content marketing formats your stories become relevant topics of conversation in the market.

A wide range of display advertising options individualize your visual advertising presence.

Your news in the week newsletter give market participants a significant edge on information.

Corporate Channel

In our web magazines, all contents published for you are automatically incorporated in a corporate channel that is accessible at any time and, if desired, configured in line with your corporate identity. A custom-made information channel that is greatly beneficial
for you and focuses on enhancing the visibility and image of your brand as well as the trust in it. Because your customers, partners and employees want to know what you’ve got to offer. Every day anew.

Content Marketing

Automation, electronics, process technology or any other key technology –
we make the fascination of technology a multi-media experience for decision makers. publish-industry supports industrial companies with professional print and web magazines in future markets like energy, mobility
or smart infrastructures. We embed your stories in our contents, and our sophisticated content marketing formats help them to become a relevant topic of conversation in the market.

Display Advertising

Making advertising more visible and efficient can be easy - provided there is a suitable environment that perfectly integrates your messages. The web magazines by publish-industry provide industrial suppliers with an efficient platform for higher reach and targeted advertising impact
in the relevant target groups. The visual potential of the various display advertising formats helps you to individualize your brand and corporate appearance.

Week Newsletter

Top news must be spread as long as they are hot. Because market actors have high demands. With our WEEK newsletters, we provide them with interesting and significant news first-hand, week after week – selected with the expertise
of our professional editors. No matter whom you want to bring up to date, this is the right medium to present your news and dates in an exposed position.
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