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Sanjeev Gupta

Managing Director

Kanchan Metals

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WOMEN EMPLOYMENT IN MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY Women work with a lot of desire to exceed

Jul 27, 2021

Kanchan Metals is dedicated to providing end-to-end solutions to the needs of food processing companies across India. In this interview with Juili Eklahare, Sanjeev Gupta, Managing Director, Kanchan Metals, talks about the company’s current goals, how it has consciously started hiring more women and how skilled & trained manpower is the biggest bottleneck for technology development. Excerpts…

Kanchan Metals is working on a new manufacturing facility in NCR. What are the plans for skilling up and preparing the workforce for the post-COVID world in it?

In the coming year, we shall project the new manufacturing facility with a wider scope of in-house manufacturing capabilities. We have been quite particular about enforcing social distancing protocols at our workplace and have taken extra precautions for regular monitoring on the use of face masks, shields, etc, along with other protocols such as temperature checks at the entry point. Recently, we carried out a vaccination drive to get our employees vaccinated as well. The cost of the vaccine is also being sponsored. So, we are quite confident this will help us gear up to implement similar measures when we move into our new facility.

What is the key processing equipment that your company is working on? Can you highlight the automation technologies used in your manufacturing facilities?

We mainly provide solutions to the snacks industry. We are also offering solutions for blending, frying, weighing, etc. Towards manufacturing automation, we have already started glass bead blasting for a better exterior finish of the equipment and plan to go for vertical milling centre & laser cutting for speedier & precision machining and automation profile cutting of the sheets. We recently installed a shot blasting section to improve the exterior finish of products while keeping hygiene norms in mind for easy cleaning.

How is your organisation empowering more women into the industry? How do you see to it that this remains an upward trajectory in your company?

We have consciously started hiring more women as we have noticed that women work with a lot of dedication and desire to exceed. Whenever we call for CVs for new openings, we always make it a point to seek them from both men & women. We provide equal opportunities, and as a result, we have women employees in manufacturing/operations, quality & commercial departments, etc.

How can the food processing & equipment sector tackle the challenge of indigenisation? Why does this challenge arise at all?

Skilled and trained manpower is the biggest bottleneck for technology development. This is due to the lack of practical education, which has become a greater concern with online education due to COVID-19. We focus and strengthen our R&D section for new product development and look for technology transfer from overseas companies to develop high-end machinery in India. With the help of the government to aid R&D activities, local manufacturers can get a boost to invest resources into the development of new machines, programmes to connect with leading machinery manufacturers to discuss technology transfer/JV’s etc, which can help facilitate the gap.

What are your company’s current goals?

We are focusing on developing our designing capabilities using 3D software, creating a wide range of equipment through R&D, technology JVs, building a state-of-the-art manufactory facility to offer & provide end-to-end solutions in snacks, bakeries, confectionary & the frozen foods industry, with the latest technologies & automation.

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