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FIELDBUS & NETWORKING Weight transmitter

Apr 22, 2020

Machine builders typically have to comply with their end-user’s request for a particular control system and network technology. A new versatile weight transmitter is always the right choice because it offers compliance tested connectivity to communicate with the leading PLC providers.

Mettler-Toledo India recently designed the new ACT350 weighing transmitter for the needs of machine builders, which provides 600 filtered-weight values per second for measuring fast weighing processes with an accuracy of 3,000e. Also, it is not necessary to have any software filtering in the PLC program to eliminate disturbances, which enables fast and precise filling, sorting and batching processes, increasing throughput and profitability.

The ACT350 is dedicated for use in automation. Fieldbus connectivity via Ethernet/ IP, PROFINET RT or PROFIBUS is incorporated in a compact device, which saves the space inside the cabinet. The ACT350 fully supports the integration by Device Description Files, making installations easy and transferable to the other transmitters. The transferred weight value from the transmitter is ready to be used in the PLC program. It also facilitates placement of a multitude of transmitters next to each other for controlling several weighing devices in a process. An integrated display shows weight value and can also be used in combination with the small keyboard to get status information without any software tool. The installation is supported by PC set-up software via a RS232 service interface, which comprises saving, restoring and cloning settings. The most accurate calibration is with real physical test weights. But in real machine-building, sometimes it is impossible to place test weights. In such cases, it is appropriate to use the ACT350’s CalFree™ feature. It uses factory-calibrated load cells and yields good results for tanks, vessels, silos, hoppers and conveyors.

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