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Malthe Muff

CEO & Co-founder


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PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT We want to help scientists accelerate their innovation process

Feb 14, 2020

…mentions Malthe Muff, CEO & Co-founder, Inniti, in his discussion with Anvita Pillai. Muff herein discusses the motivation behind starting Inniti, how it helps R&D organisations and laboratories in automating experiments and how it eases out repeated experimentation. Excerpts of the discourse…

Can you elaborate on what is Inniti and the inspiration behind starting it?

We saw how much time scientists spend in the laboratory performing manual and repetitive work, and we wanted to change this by enabling scientist to automate their workflow. At Inniti, we connect all their laboratory equipment to our software platform, thereby automating the execution and data gathering of their experiments. Right from the beginning, we have been focused on developing a user-friendly solution. Now, attributing to the software’s user-friendly interface, scientists do not require a lot training to use our solution. Our solution is used by both, the R&D departments and university laboratories within filtration, biotech and pharmaceutical.

How does your company enable faster, better and cheaper laboratory tests with the help of IoT?

Our software connects all laboratory equipment to our platform and creates a digital twin of all the equipment. The scientists can then automate the experiments by drawing a flow chart, so that their equipment is operated automatically. We create an inter-connectivity between equipment from different manufacturers to help scientists build and operate complex experiments automatically. We free up their time from the laboratory by automating the execution and data gathering / processing of their results. By automating experiments, we ensure that the experiments are performed with machine pression, and it increases the scientist’s capacity, as each scientist can operate more experiments at once. For example, with one of our customers Aquaporin, we implemented a solution that increased their capacity by 300% and lowered the labour time by 70%.

How do solutions offered by you ensure an easy access, track of each other’s work and easy replication throughout the team?

In a laboratory, all experiments done by the team are available for the whole research team on our platform; so, they can keep track of each other’s work, see how their colleagues have performed an experiment and its results. If they want to replicate an experiment, they simply have to build the setup and press start, and the experiment is then performed in the exact the same way. The scientist has a complete overview of how all the experiments have been performed and its results.

Can you tell us more about the product portfolio offered by your company and its functioning?

At Inniti, we sell a combined software and equipment solution. On the software platform, scientists can control all their laboratory equipment & design and automate experiments. They can plot graphs and have access to all the experiment data. Our Inniti connectors can be inserted into equipment from third party producers, such as ThermoFisher Scientific, so their equipment can be connected to our software platform. We also have our own portfolio of laboratory equipment, such as pumps, flow sensors, pressure senor, pH sensor, etc.

What are your short-term and long-term goals? Any plans of collaboration in the near future?

For the short-term, we want to work with more scientists, and we are right now focusing on companies working with filtration, including micro-filtration, ultrafiltration and forwards osmosis. Going forward, we want to work more with organisations in biotech, food & beverage and the chemical industry. We are also aiming at partnering with laboratory equipment manufacturers, as we connect their equipment to our software platform, which can generate a lot of data about the use of their products available.

The long-term goal is to become the number one research platform globally. We want to help scientists accelerate their innovation process with a complete platform dedicated to them, which covers the whole workflow in the laboratory. From automating the experiments, documentation, report writing and utilisation of data, we want to assist scientists in optimising their experiment based on their data.

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