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Sachin Sinha, Sales Director, Tecroot Space

Automation & robotics We strive to serve before we deserve

Sep 24, 2018

Sachin Sinha, Sales Director, Tecroot Space, in this interview with Juili Eklahare, shares his insights on the upcoming technologies of the future and what the future holds for his new start-up venture. Excerpts…

What was the idea behind launching Tecroot Space? Can you elaborate about the business focus of your company?

Tecroot Space comes out as a consulting and trading, budding and promising start-up, with an idea to emerge as a partner to its customers by understanding their needs for the long-term trust, making value addition to product development and manufacturing processes with a futuristic approach and an objective of contributing to overall productivity of the industry. We have partnered with global technology leaders in their own domains, which enables us to prepare a unique value proposition for our customers. Our proposition to manufacturing industry includes peak performance machining with specialisation in hole making with cutting tools capable of & complying with machine learning modules backed by more than 100 years of our German partner’s experience in this domain.

We encourage our customers for the investments in the right direction with our unique value proposition of high performance metal working fluids with capability of providing consistently high workpiece quality, longer tool life for greater machine availability & possibility of reducing the cycle times, thus utilising the potential of a right metal working fluid by adding value to the manufacturing process. This proposition is powered by our technologically leading Swiss partner with more than 80 years of experience.

What are the new technologies that you foresee coming up in the future in your business sector? What kind of projects do you hope to see more of?

3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) is one of the technologies, which will revolutionise the transition from product design to prototyping in the production processes. Now, with capabilities in metal 3D Printing, some of the super critical and complex CNC machine tool applications will shift to Additive Manufacturing. It is also becoming vital for the industry to deploy investments and manpower on R&D of materials, which are to be as light as possible with high strength and optimised physical and chemical properties. This will attract newer technologies to come in and uplift the whole industry.

What kind of challenges and opportunities do you see while scaling up the business? What are your short-term and long-term goals?

We need to rethink about the word—‘Challenge’. It is an evolving parameter, which always exists. The critical requirements for Tecroot Space will be to prepare a clear framework on proposition to customers, effective management and allocation of the resources and utilising the available time optimally. We also plan to setup an Additive Manufacturing studio in the near future in Delhi NCR region to support the local manufacturing fraternity with high quality services and products.

How do you plan on expanding Tecroot Space and winning customers? Which are the major focus sectors?

It is all about how much added value we will be able to generate for our customers so that they perceive us as their long-term value partners. We are working on it and we strive to serve before we deserve. Our strength lies in our across-the-board exposure to multifarious applications, transparent approach, holistic view on overall value addition to manufacturing processes and documentation of added values acknowledged by our customers. Our proposition and services are best fitting to the design and manufacturing industry in segments like automotive, medical, aerospace, energy, tool manufacturing, machine tool builders and also to the education sector.

What do you think are investors looking for in new entrepreneurs and start-ups today?

The investors will always be interested in the scalability and rising possibilities of the idea behind the start-up. Also, the sustainability of the proposition is looked upon in order to gauge the continuity in expected returns.

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