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Jens Bleher, CEO, Fritz Studer AG

Image: Fritz Studer AG

Motion Meeting 2018 “We expect higher order volumes from India”

Mar 26, 2018

…says Jens Bleher, CEO, Fritz Studer AG, in an interaction with EM, while discussing the application of the Swiss precision standards in the company products and highlighting the Indian market. Excerpts...

How does United Grinding cater to enhance production process with a minimal use of resources?

To enhance the production process, we initiated the PuLs® programme that stands for precision & passion and has become our corporate philosophy. Based on the spirit of this philosophy, we have developed a whole package of measures, which we implement in all company brands. These are integrated concepts, which result in smoother processes, and individual initiatives, helping to save energy in concrete production steps.

How do you ensure the required quality and precision standards of your products, given precision standards of the Swiss manufacturing technology?

It is a long chain—from a customer's initial contact with the United Grinding Group to the purchase of a machine and individual application customisation. This is followed by years of successful operation of the machine by the customer. Until the machine reaches the end of its life cycle decades later. Our group is constantly working to optimise each of these steps for the customer’s benefit. This is not just a question of the use of resources during the manufacture and operation of a machine. All other steps – such as customer service, order processing or logistics – have also been examined for optimisation potential.

Many small and large individual measures produce a complex whole for increased customer benefit. The base of these measures is the PuLs® corporate philosophy, which determines the actions of all employees, as well as a toolkit for designing ‘lean’ processes, including optimisation programs like Six Sigma.

What are your company’s upcoming plans for the Indian market?

In the recent years, we established our own sales and services branch in Bengaluru, which is working in close relationship with the sales agent network in India to serve our customers. The organisation is prepared for higher order volumes, which we expect to be coming from the market.

Out of all the brands of United Grinding Group, which brand has a better potential in India?

We do not see remarkable differences to any other markets in product distribution in the Indian market, so the application landscape seems to be similar to other markets. What we still see, with shrinking tendencies, is that India is importing many used machines from our European customers.

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