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Shrinivas Shirgurkar

Managing Director

Ace Designers

MACHINE TOOLS We come to know the competition & technology progress in IMTEX

Jan 22, 2019

We add value to the customer using our machine connect features, productivity, monitoring of important information to ensure smooth running of the machine, troubleshooting flow charts, and traceability. - Shrinivas Shirgurkar, Managing Director, Ace Designers

With the 50-year completion of IMTEX this year, what significance does it hold for you and your company? How old is your company’s association with IMTEX?

IMTEX is the most important branding and customer acquisition process for the machine tool industry. The objective of IMTEX is to showcase the new products we build, and also showcase the new features of existing products. We come to know the competition and the technology progress. A large number of potential customers and foreign dealers visit the exhibition. In IMTEX, we also get lots of student delegations. The organisers have encouraged such delegations, so that it can cause excitement for the students to join the manufacturing and machine tool industry.

We have been participating in this exhibition since 1982 and have not missed a single exhibition since then. We have grown from being a very small company to being the largest in the machine tool groups in India, using IMTEX as a platform to build our brand.

What would be the big strategy/plan that you will be pursuing post-IMTEX in 2019, aimed at creating a big business impact?

We are going to demonstrate our latest machines and machines for niche applications. We are also demonstrating a range of IoT features on our machines in line with the needs of the industry, to monitor productivity, track machine behaviour, and enable minimum downtime. We have also built a large capacity to build CNC lathes. Our main aim post-IMTEX is to offer machines with advanced features to meet the growing needs.

Digitalisation has been the most talked-about topic in the manufacturing industry today. Besides digitalisation, would you like to highlight any other technology advances that will have the maximum traction in the next two years?

Digitalisation is one of the most talked about topics of late. Users are confused about what all to look for. Most people are also unclear about the way forward. Ace Micromatic has been working in this area for a decade. We add value to the customer using our machine connect features, productivity, monitoring of important information to ensure smooth running of the machine, troubleshooting flow charts, traceability, etc.

We have also set up a separate company called Amace, where we have started offering Additive Manufacturing services and are shortly planning to venture into making additive machines. We are participating in the exhibition to show the types of services we offer.

How do you assess the disruptive power of new technologies at an early stage and build a sustainable plan so as to respond to the technological disruptions, in the short-term and long-term?

IoT and Additive Manufacturing are two disruptive technologies that are being introduced in Western countries. In the near future, India too will start adapting these technologies. Apart from a few large companies, most of the industry is only in the exploration stage.

In your opinion, what is an industrial trend/concept/ myth which you would like to demystify within the Indian manufacturing sector?

One concept which I would like to demystify is that while there may be quite a buzz about Additive Manufacturing in the manufacturing sector, only a few specific applications are being explored in this sector, such as, complex aeronautic parts and medical industry applications. It is currently quite an expensive process, due to input costs, such as, material powders as well as the cost of the machines.

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