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Prakash Rao


JUMO India

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INDUSTRIAL SENSORS We are working towards localising components

May 3, 2021

…mentions Prakash Rao, Director, JUMO India – one of the leading manufacturers of industrial sensor and automation technology – in this interview with Anvita Pillai. He discusses the changes encountered due to COVID and how they maintain versatility now, the importance of sensors in manufacturing, new trends and more. Excerpts…

What has changed for JUMO India in the past year? What changes has COVID brought to your organisation?

Response to COVID-19 has advanced the adoption of digital technology by several years, and many of these changes could be here permanently. This pandemic was a mirror to JUMO that reflected its strengths and weaknesses. The state-of-the-art products, production, market presence and financial stability displayed its strength, whereas the absence of advanced digital connections marked the need for improvement. We have made significant planning and investment to broaden Our digital dashboard to create digitally enhanced offerings.

Can you elaborate on the ways how sensors can make factory floor operations smooth? Do you think the manufacturing industry downplays the importance of sensor in automation?

The combination of sophisticated sensors and increased computational power, once implemented at scale, enables new ways to analyse data and gain actionable insights to improve many areas of operations. The result will be responsive and agile production processes that enhance performance across a range of industrial sectors.

The manufacturing industry has always been responsive about the implementation of sensor and automation for the shop floor, but the stanch motivation was lagging in realising its execution.

What, according to you, are some of the latest & upcoming trends in industrial sensors and automation technologies?

The biggest trend taking place in the world of sensors is IO-Link. Being digital, it is being acknowledged by almost all industries, where they want to overcome traditional challenges of analogue systems, like EMC issues/signal losses, etc, which are very mutual in analogue signals. IO-Link would drive total costs down as compared to analogue systems and positively bring big information from sensors into the IoT interface, directly as well as into the PLC.

Cloud computing and LoRaWAN are among the latest technology trends widely discussed in industry and infrastructure projects.

Maintaining versatility is going to be key given the current times. How does JUMO help its clients to remain versatile during this period of instability?

Looking at the product range and services offered by JUMO to over 22 different industry segments, we very confidently say versatility is embedded in our genes.

In addition to this, the pandemic has encouraged us to apply value-addition to our existing product range and offer it as a one-stop-shop experience to our clients.

What strategies is your company implementing to ensure a boost in its market presence & positioning in India?

We believe in simple strategy’ ‘Get the work done!’. We are working towards localising components to add value to our products and services; it not only helps us become competitive but also generates business opportunity for local manufacturers, giving a push for the ‘Make in India’ initiative. On the market front, we aim to expand our network to tier 2 and 3 cities to boost our presence in India; the pandemic has not dithered us from hiring new staff to fulfil this expansion strategy.

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