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Stephan Stoll


Fritz Studer AG

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MACHINE TOOLS We are heavily investing in the digitalisation aspect of our business

Mar 26, 2020

…says Stephan Stoll, COO, Fritz Studer AG, in this interaction with Juili Eklahare. He throws light on the significance of the Motion Meeting 2020, the digital initiatives at United Grinding and the areas the company is making investments in. Excerpts…

What is the significance of the Motion Meeting 2020 this year?

This is a big event where we want to show every year how we move forward. This year, with the theme of ‘The Art of Grinding’, it is about really showing what we are all about – because it really is art from a product and process perspective, both.

In the Motion Meeting 2018, you had defined three priorities for Studer – solid foundation, highest precision and benchmark efficiency. How close has the company got to achieve these priorities today?

We are working on it and this is an ongoing challenge. Although, we think we have made good progress. When it comes to solid foundation, we have invested and continue to invest. As for the highest precision, we certainly have made a good way forward with our investments in equipment, the technology of machine and tooling, the combination and using digital processes. As for efficiency, it also, is very much driven by the investments, meaning higher automation and efficiency from an assembly perspective.

So then, can you tell us the areas your company is making investments in and looking at for expansion?

In several areas. We keep investing in the fabrication and just finished a milling project, which was a high investment. We are also heavily investing in the digitalisation aspect of our business, seeing to it that we improve our connectability, human-interface and the entire connectivity.

Which is your largest sales market right now?

The major market right now is Western Europe or Central Europe and North America has been particularly strong last year (we have had the second best year there). China, obviously, has slowed down a little bit. As for Western Europe, some countries are still going well while some countries like Germany, with automotive, are slowing down. Industry-wise, the automotive industry is obviously slowing down. On the other hand, the aerospace industry is going very strong, where we are seeing a lot of activities.

What are the digital initiatives at your company?

With digitalisation, we start with our machines, because our customers expect us to make the digital machines available. So, that’s what we are focusing on – directing our efforts towards what digital opportunities they are looking for in our grinding machines. We are also trying to see where we can get to the paperless factory, how we can interlink processes and take waste out of the added value.

How are you looking at taking United Grinding to the next level?

We are continuously working on getting to the next level – United Grinding overall is an all-encompassing grinding company and this is unique for the grinding world. It is crucial for us to keep going with product development. Moreover, clearly, digitalisation is something that is also relevant for the entire group.

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