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Aniket Badhekar

CEO Sales – India & International

Lehonn Technology

LATEST TRENDS IN INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION We are continuously upgrading with new products & customising existing ones

Nov 9, 2022

... says Aniket Badhekar, CEO Sales – India & International, Lehonn Technology. In this interview with Neha Basudkar Ghate, he speaks about the journey so far, challenges and growth plans. Excerpts...

What motivated you to start Lehonn Technology? Which are the major customer challenges that you wish to address through your products?

All major engineering and automation products are preferred from Europe, even the smallest products. The major reasons are quality and the life of a product. We started our company with the aim of manufacturing quality products to match and upscale the level of quality. So every product we manufacture has a two year warranty, whereas others have just one year. The design ideas are totally customised as per the client requirement. We are continuously upgrading our basket with new products and customising existing ones. Our aim is very very clear. ‘Kam Mein Bam’ is our motto. That is the prime reason why all our products are ‘Plug n Play’. No programming, nothing.

With the rapid rise of automated plants across the globe, which products in your portfolio are you particularly proud of?

We have seen exponential growth in our automation product, Step Lights and this has resulted in reaching the end clients. Being a very common product with uncommon features has led us to quickly rise. Second is the wireless bridge Just Plug n Play. It has helped us to reach the epitome of wireless automation products.

What are the challenges with wireless solutions for industrial applications? How do you address them?

Wireless products are very unpredictable due to the errors and disturbances caused by external sources. Our products are designed with FHSS to avoid external noise. The first product was installed in 2017 for long range and we have received only expansion orders, no complaints of any sort. Mostly, the technical installation team is very thorough with trials and signal strength reports, so our selection of products and antennas gets the customer the best solution. Along with “COTMAC Siemens”, a solution is provided to a client where a range of 35 KM on a licence-free band is achieved. No complaints from clients who are working smoothly.

How are you strategising your business model for a pricesensitive market like India?

We have a clear strategy of concentrating on A & B class customers directly, which helps us with giving them better prices. The Amazon model is the best way to breach the price-sensitive market.

What are your growth plans for 2023?

We are starting our offices in all four major cities as the demand is increasing. We will be appointing many more dealers, up to 25 new ones to support our sales. We are also expanding to the Gulf with our offices, which in-turn will get us more revenue.

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