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Agustin Pelaez

CEO & Founder


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IoT APPLICATIONS We act as the secret ingredient in IoT deployments

Sep 28, 2020

Known within the maker circles for affordable, reliable and most usable platform in the IoT application enablement ecosystem, Ubidots offers a data-driven future today. In this conversation with Anvita Pillai, Agustin Pelaez, CEO & Founder, Ubidots, elaborates on how their company is different, catering to a dynamic market and more. Excerpts…

Today, many companies are offering similar IoT services like yours to various industrial sectors. What, according to you, makes Ubidots stand out in comparison to its competitors?

Ubidots is enabling system integrators and IoT entrepreneurs to build IoT solutions themselves and sell them under their brand. We provide the software behind and our customers take the credit for it. We act as the secret ingredient in thousands of IoT deployments across various industries. This business model, together with a focus on ease of use and customisation has become our silver bullet.

Both locally and globally, which sectors have proved to be a challenge to penetrate? Why?

I believe consumer IoT has the highest entry-barrier as it is capital-intensive and demands high volumes of devices to be sold before a business can be viable. On the other side of the spectrum, there’s industrial IoT. Now, within the industrial space, agriculture is especially challenging because of the remote nature of deployments and the tight margins under which most farmers operate. Despite the challenges, some fast movers are already harnessing the power of IoT to improve the farming experience, both in India and abroad.

The dynamics of digitalisation and demand have changed due to the pandemic, especially for sectors like manufacturing. How are you keeping up with the change in demand that is expected?

The pandemic has only accelerated the adoption of IoT technologies, which enables remote monitoring of assets, processes and people. During the months of confinement, many shop floor operators realised they could use IoT to keep an eye on their production lines and accelerate the purchasing process of the tools required to bring their processes online. In most cases, manufacturers turned to Control System Integrators (CSI) they have already worked with for Industry 4.0 solutions. Such CSIs then turned to us to rapidly build IoT solutions that cater to their customers’ needs, be it OEE measurement, online sensor monitoring, downtime prevention or energy efficiency.

Skilling the upcoming generation has been a core part of your company’s guiding principles. Can you elaborate on how you are helping students and IoT developers learn and make an impact?

We believe the creative force out there is large enough to solve our society’s main challenges; be it in healthcare, transportation, food, energy, etc. This is why we offer a free platform called Ubidots STEM, which has been used by over 70,000 IoT enthusiasts (makers, students, developers, teachers, etc) to learn, enjoy IoT and create personal projects that bridge the gap between ideas and reality.

What are the short-term and long-term goals in line for your organisation to achieve? Are there any plans for expansion soon?

We see our company as a superpower to IoT enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. We want them to build things they didn’t know they could build and turn their prototypes into viable IoT businesses. We already serve hundreds of customers in more than 80 countries, with at least a dozen of them based in India and look forward to continue enabling the data-driven future today.

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