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Andreas Ziegar, Director, EMAG India

Machine Tools “Utilise technology related to Industry 4.0”

Feb 6, 2017

“ The demands of the Indian customers are evolving slowly from the traditional demands of low cost solutions which often compromise on quality & service. The IMTEX exhibition can help by educating the local manufacturers and exposing them to global trends and technologies.”

How has the IMTEX metal-cutting exhibition evolved over the years? How is the exhibition helping Indian machine tool manufacturers to advance their technology standards?

The exhibition has evolved over the years and now allows participants to exchange on technical possibilities and display technical news at the local and international level. The support programme with seminar and information exchange over the different communication channels allows manufacturers to be part of discussions on upcoming projects.

Given that global manufacturing companies are moving towards Industry 4.0, how will these trends and technologies be observed at IMTEX 2017?

Our company utilises technologies relating to Industry 4.0 such as Big Data, crowd working, cyber physical systems and Human Machine Interface (HMI). Through the combined utilisation of machines and IT, the customer wants to maximise the output of his investment. However, we also face concerns in direction data safety or complexity of concepts. Hence, we have developed additional services and apps to help our customer. Remote control of machines, plug and play to connect various machines, predictive maintenance and simplified HMI are topics which we have implemented already.

Taking into consideration the current uncertain economic situation in India, what are the possible ways in which IMTEX can drive growth in the manufacturing sector?

Traditionally, the Indian customer in this sector has been interested in low-cost solutions, which may mean compromising on quality and service. However, their demands are evolving slowly as the interest in technology is increasing, bringing in more competition in the Indian industry. Largely, it is still the export oriented manufacturers who give priority to quality and the local demand often compromises on quality. In such cases, the IMTEX exhibition can help educate the local manufacturers and expose them to global trends and technologies.

IMTEX provides a good platform for networking. What would be your company’s strategy post IMTEX 2017 to get the maximum out of the exhibition?

IMTEX is a good platform to show and discuss our wide variety from mass production system in turning, grinding, milling and hobbing till to laser welding, induction hardening or electro chemical machining of titanium parts in the aviation industry. Additionally, with our trained sales engineers, we try to share our knowledge and expertise with all our partners, because only in a partnership can we achieve the best mutual benefit. We also support our customer after the sales process. The visit at IMTEX for our international experts is just one way in which we support our customers.

What are the main factors that are driving manufacturing excellence globally? How well does IMTEX 2017 represent these latest manufacturing innovations?

The first trend I want to highlight is the increasing effort to automate the production so as to reduce costs and increase the quality by eliminating the human factor. The other trend would be that of standardisation in order to fuel mass production and support cost savings. This requires more flexible production concepts, which will be visible by reduced demands for special purpose machines and more universal machine centres. Our company has contributed with our modular machine concept to increase the flexibility and react on shorter product life cycles.

How do you plan to align your company’s Vision 2020 strategy with the latest manufacturing trends along with government’s initiatives?

Our vision for EMAG India is to strengthen our presence and to support our customers in India and contribute to the economic development of the country. ☐

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