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iglidur FC 180 and igumid FC

QUALITY MANAGEMENT Tribo polymers for food contact

Nov 14, 2019

Complying to the FDA and EU10/2011 regulations, igus recently developed two materials which detects optically and magnetically, for its plain and spherical bearings; the iglidur FC 180 and igumid FC

igus recently developed two optically and magnetically detectable materials for its plain and spherical bearings, iglidur FC 180 and igumid FC, which complies with the FDA and EU10/2011 regulations and are therefore, ideal for use in the food industry. The tribologically optimised plain bearing material iglidur FC 180 (FC = ‘Food Contact’) specifically for food contact, which helps in detection of foreign bodies that plays a major role in the production and packaging of food, to ensure the perfect quality of products and to prevent contamination. The new material is visually detectable by its blue colour as well as by metal detectors due to the inclusion of appropriate, food-compatible additives. In this way, broken pieces can be quickly detected and removed in the event of damage to the system. As a result, the purity of the product is secured, and costly product recalls are prevented. It complies to the specifications of the FDA and EU Regulation 10/2011 and can therefore be used in direct food contact. Its low moisture absorption and lubrication-free property are additional criteria that shows how it is perfect for applications in the food technology, beverage and packaging industries.

In the igubal spherical bearings range, the company relies on a new detectable material. With the housing material igumid FC in combination with iglidur FC180 as spherical ball material, the self-adjusting igubal bearings are approved for direct food contact. The excellent detectability of the materials was also confirmed by Sesotec GmbH, specialist for foreign body detection and manufacturer of metal detectors for the food industry. Even the smallest fragments of 0.0139 g (iglidur FC 180) or 0.0157 g (igumid FC) could still be identified on a conveyor belt when passing through the metal detector INTUITY. The new vibration dampening bearings are resistant to corrosion and media due to their polymer base, allowing them to withstand the cleaning with water and many cleaning agents. As a result, equipment manufacturers and operators in the food industry can now quickly and easily equip their machines with a wide range of bearing solutions from igus while saving twice as much. This is because plastic plain bearings don't have to be serviced and are much more cost effective to buy than solutions consisting of sealed stainless-steel bearings with food-grade lubricants.

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