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Siemens Industry Software Pvt. Ltd.

John Fox, Vice President—Marketing, Siemens PLM Software

Image: Siemens PLM Software
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Product Lifecycle Management “Transitioning from built-in data management”

Sep 21, 2016

…says John Fox, Vice President—Marketing, Siemens PLM Software. In an interaction with Megha Roy, he discusses the latest enhancements in Solid Edge ST9 and highlights the importance of SMEs in the manufacturing landscape—globally and in India.

You have recently launched the Siemens Solid Edge ST9 for the Indian market. Can you brief us on the response?

In India, we have introduced Solid Edge ST9 in 11 cities, including Kolkata, Aurangabad, Thane, Chennai, and Coimbatore, along with Colombo, and the response has been extremely positive. Based on audience reactions, our cloud enhancements in Solid Edge ST9 will be very popular with both existing and new customers. We call it ‘cloud enabled design – on your terms.’ A customer who opts in can now easily access the software and their data wherever they are located. Data vaulting and collaboration are included, using popular cloud-based file sharing software like Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive. ST9 customers get the advantages of the cloud even if they don’t have a perfect internet connection or high bandwidth.

For Teamcenter customers, Solid Edge ST9 provides a new level of in-CAD experience for data management. Users no longer have to step out of their Solid Edge design environment to access Teamcenter’s capabilities and users can now tap directly into Teamcenter Active Workspace.

What are your strategies for defining, planning and executing the worldwide marketing strategy for the Solid Edge software?

With each new release, we make Solid Edge more powerful and easier to use, while keeping it affordable. These attributes are particularly important for the mainstream market, which includes smaller companies. This sector is very important for us strategically. SMEs are a very important segment of the manufacturing landscape—globally and in India.

Solid Edge is a portfolio of software tools addressing all aspects of product development — design, simulation, data management, manufacturing, etc. Thanks to hundreds of complimentary 3rd party apps. We bring together Siemens’ global manufacturing expertise and a broader suite of PLM enterprise products beyond Solid Edge, such as Teamcenter.

Keeping in mind the Asia Pacific market, how do you think Solid Edge offers mid-market manufacturers with a new option for improving product innovation, product development and engineering performance?

With Solid Edge, it’s all about making it as easy as possible to get productive quickly, depending on the size and complexity of the organisation and products.

For example, with Solid Edge ST9, we took a hard look at the needs of our customers related to product data management, and we introduced significant improvements on two fronts. For companies that require full product lifecycle management (PLM), we enhanced our integration with Teamcenter, streamlining the presentation of data within Solid Edge. We put the data at fingertips and made it much more visual and intuitive. For companies that aren’t quite ready for a full PLM solution, we’ve added built-in data management. With the built-in capabilities, Solid Edge ST9 customers will get instant ‘where used’ searches, cloud-enabled collaboration, and revision and release management with just a few clicks.

Can you share with us your strategic plans, long-term and short-term, for India? Anything specific for SMEs?

For the India market, we focus on specific industries like agriculture equipment, food processing equipment, oil & gas equipment, and industrial machinery at large. So, we expect to see more activities there, with special outreach to SMEs. The ‘Make in India’ initiative sets targets for growth in India’s manufacturing sector, against a backdrop of increasing global competition.

SMEs play such a critical role here. Small to medium-sized manufacturers that can harness the power of digital technologies like Solid Edge can differentiate themselves and thrive in this competitive, increasingly digital environment – sometimes called the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0.☐

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