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Helitronic Vision 400 L

Specials Tool grinding machine

Nov 2, 2015

WALTER offers new Helitronic Vision 400 L high-performance tool grinding machine for machining rotationally symmetrical precision tools such as cutters, hob cutters, drills, step drills, profile tools, woodworking tools made of HM, HSS, ceramic, cermet and CBN. This machine is based on the globally tried-and-proven Helitronic Vision high-precision tool grinding machine with linear drives in the linear axes and torque motors in the rotation axes. With an identical work area size compared to the Helitronic Vision, the new generation Helitronic Vision 400 L produces tools with a circumferential machining length of up to 420 mm compared to former 370 mm as well as diameters from 3 to 315 mm. The polymer or mineral casting machine base and the portal design for extreme rigidity translate the high dynamics of the digital drives into virtually vibration-free grinding precision. The wheel changer is capable of changing grinding wheels up to 254 mm in diameter.

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