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Raghav Gupta


Kanchan Metals

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NEED FOR TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED INITIATIVES There is scope for secondary packaging automation

Mar 4, 2022

…says Raghav Gupta, Director, Kanchan Metals, in this interview with Juili Eklahare. He throws light on how the company’s conservative approach helped it stabilise its growth on a broader aspect, how it hopes to bring the best global technologies with its new test facility and the need for technologically advanced initiatives. Excerpts…

Kanchan metals has partnered with VEMAG in order to offer the best principal solutions so as to smoothen the plant-based frozen foods manufacturing process. How is this partnership offering high-end solutions for every requirement pertaining to plant-based frozen snacks?

We have been representing VEMAG in India for the past 15 years now, and this collaboration has been immensely successful. With the help of this partnership, Kanchan Metals has been able to cater to the vast and diverse requirements of its valuable clients across the country, especially in the large snacks, bakery, plant-based frozen foods and meat processing domains. Be it plant-based sausages, formed products, minced offerings or filled products, including burger patties & unfilled balls, VEMAG is equipped with global quality machinery that help produce any & every kind of plant-based frozen snack. We are able to support our customers by offering effective after-sales service on their machinery as well as make the machines more cost-effective by building some attachments in India.

Do you think that cost-effective automation solutions are presently available in the market?

Automation is the need of the hour. Low-cost automation is the technology that involves simple tasks that are easy to process. Cost-effective automation integrates human skills and technical solutions. Any company can save resources by maximising the use of low-cost automation. At the moment, there is scope for secondary packaging automation to be developed in a cost-effective manner, and we are currently working towards the same.

You say that your company has grown primarily because of having a “conservative approach.” Can you elaborate?

We have grown primarily because of staying focused on the food processing industry and the specific needs of our clients. The conservative approach did not hinder our growth; it helped us stabilise our growth on a broader aspect. We focused on penetrating the existing market rather than looking towards diversification outside of our core area of expertise.

You are planning to set up a demonstration facility wherein companies can see how machines work, test and inspect them before buying them. Have you considered the use of technologies, like Augmented Reality (AR) to live-stream practical demonstrations remotely to your customers, especially given any upcoming COVID-19 wave upon us?

The past years of the pandemic have made us rethink how to reach new customers. As the industry demand and requirements are growing, high volume, untouched production, lesser manpower and high hygiene standards are certain identified areas where customers are looking for solutions, and we are working on the same. With the new test facility, we hope to bring the best global technologies available for bakery, snacks, confectionery, frozen and meat food processing under one roof, which is easily accessible for our customers in India in order to do trials & product development.

What are your current automation initiatives at Kanchan Metals?

There is a growing demand for processing basic food items, such as grains, fruits and vegetables, in addition to the shifting consumer behaviour towards more advanced value-added food categories. These demands can only be fulfilled with technologically advanced initiatives, thus increasing the demand for automation.

As far as our future plans are concerned, we are planning to launch various new-age solutions of material handling automation, continuous mixing & transferring of dry & wet ingredients, corn-based wet extruded snacks and product distribution, in the times to come.

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