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Gururaj D Patil

Managing Director

EMAG India

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MACHINE TOOLS The vertical concept in a turning machine has revolutionised manufacturing

Jan 22, 2019

Our strategy is to provide higher output and quality production with space saving machinery for medium-sized corporations, so that they can react swiftly to customer requirements with flexibility. - Gururaj D Patil, Managing Director, EMAG India

With the 50-year completion of IMTEX this year, what significance does it hold for you and your company? How old is your company’s association with IMTEX?

IMTEX is the premier machine tool exhibition showcasing the best of technology and advancements in the metal working industry in India. EMAG was founded in Bautzen, Saxony, as an iron foundry and engineering works in 1867, and has begun its journey with IMTEX since 2008. We offer robust, reliable, long lasting, yet flexible manufacturing solutions, with minimal human intervention, all under one roof.

What would be the big strategy/plan that you will be pursuing post-IMTEX in 2019, aimed at creating a big business impact?

EMAG’s strategy would be to provide higher output and quality production with space saving machinery for medium-sized corporations, so that they can react swiftly to customer requirements with flexibility. For large corporations/OEMs, we will embark on providing almost all the manufacturing solutions under one roof with inbuilt automation, so that parts are produced faster, precisely and according to targeted specifications. We will focus on ensuring faster ROI for customers who invest in EMAG manufacturing solutions.

Digitalisation has been the most talked-about topic in the manufacturing industry today. Besides digitalisation, would you like to highlight any other technology advances that will have the maximum traction in the next two years?

Optimised production with Industry 4.0 will separate the breakaway technology providers like, EMAG from the rest, who still follow traditional systems of manufacturing integration. This is exactly where EMAG’s new Industry 4.0 solutions come in, to interconnect sensor, operating and production data, with the analysis and process know-how of EMAG engineers. The resulting Industry 4.0 solutions offer genuine value-added solutions to our customers. The EMAG Service Plus App offers customer support in hassle-free machining.

How do you assess the disruptive power of new technologies at an early stage and build a sustainable plan so as to respond to the technological disruptions, in the short-term and long-term?

EMAG is the first company to come out with a vertical concept in a turning machine. This has revolutionised manufacturing. It has brought about a sea-change in the way precision parts are machined with the least indexes, saving money and time, apart from churning out highly accurate parts. This disruption technology is termed ‘THINK VERTICAL’. Combining various machining and manufacturing processes would hold a key to the future, and EMAG is well prepared to answer this critical need of customers world over. We provide almost about everything in manufacturing, be it chamfer cut, cylindrical grinding, drilling, ECM, ECM deburring, ECM drilling, ECM inner forming, grinding, hard turning, heat shrink assembly, induction hardening, laser welding.

In your opinion, what is an industrial trend/concept/ myth which you would like to demystify within the Indian manufacturing sector?

The myth that all manufacturing processes cannot be combined and excelled at in a single production line is not true anymore. Today, manufacturers of medium-size component batches also want “solutions from a single source”. EMAG, with its multitude of machining and automation technologies, coupled with extensive knowledge of in-process design, is in a good position to handle these demands. The company now offers its customers machines that incorporate multi-tasking in one machine.

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