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Jonathan Carrier


Zip Charge

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TRENDS IN EV CHARGING SOLUTIONS The society needs to share the responsibility to reduce climate change

Jul 5, 2022

…says Jonathan Carrier, Co-founder, Zip Charge to Huned Contractor. With plans to market the product in India too, Carrier talks about the product and how the company plans to distribute it. Excerpts…

Could you elaborate on the ‘Go’ hub concept?

We are delighted to have found two strategic partners in ICEE Managed Services and Graphite. Together we will deliver the Go hub, a revolution in public charging provision, providing a community-based solution that can be installed anywhere, at a much lower cost and at a much faster rate, while enabling any parking space to be a charging spot. Both the companies have a cumulative experience of eight years in engineering, manufacturing and installing public infrastructure, including Brompton Bike Hire docks throughout the United Kingdom. The ability to roll out EV charging infrastructure at speed is essential to allow national and local governments to deploy it at a faster rate where it is needed the most to support mass EV adoption.

What triggered the idea for a portable charger?

The company’s co-founder Richie Sibal first came up with the idea for a portable EV charger in early 2020. His brother is an EV driver and lives in Twickenham, London without off-street parking. Richie saw the need to develop a portable charging solution that could help his brother charge his electric vehicle. I joined later in 2020, and working together we developed the technical and product concept into the Zip Charge ‘Go’. We went through a detailed concept phase over six months to understand the market, identify the customer pain points and iterate our solution to arrive at the Go we launched.

What kind of research and development did this entail?

During our concept research we discovered that the inability to access reliable, convenient and affordable charging at home was holding back widespread EV adoption. It’s a common problem that is amplified around the world. Working together we pooled our expertise in electronic systems, vehicle electrification, product development & commercial understanding from decades of experience working for a wide range of automotive manufacturers and created the Zip Charge Go. In doing so, we believe Zip Charge is a game-changer in EV charging and will help accelerate the transition towards electric mobility so that the world can become a cleaner and more sustainable place for generations to come. We are driven in our mission to build a company that helps society transition to net zero and share a responsibility to reduce climate change. Our commitment is to create technology that has a positive impact – for customers, society, and the way everyone charges EVs.

When will the product be delivered in the Indian market?

We will be announcing more detailed specifications later in 2022, alongside country roll-out, pricing and ordering information. First deliveries will be in Q2 2023 starting with the UK, Europe and then rolling out markets after that. We can’t confirm a release date for India currently.

What are the challenges that you have overcome in developing the product?

There have been challenges but being in the automotive industry we also struggled to get hold of chips and connectors. Supply chain issues have had a significant impact on the delivery of our prototype units due to the unavailability of components and very long lead times.

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