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Dr K Ramesh


Quess Terrier Security Services

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SAFETY & SECURITY The sensitivity of data is a critical aspect

Feb 1, 2021

Quess Terrier Security Services is a leading integrated security solutions provider in India. In this conversation with Juili Eklahare, Dr K Ramesh, CEO, Quess Terrier Security Services, discusses how hacking is one of the bigger threats for remote workers, how the company wants minimum 40% of its customer base to be a man-tech solution thing and some of the segments it wants to penetrate in. Excerpts…

Do you see more growth opportunities for security services amid COVID-19? What changes do you see going forward?

COVID-19 gave us time to really innovate solutions. There is a big opportunity for security per se because whether one has opened a new site or is closing it, security will be there, throughout. Though there is growth, it has changed slightly; it’s not just a manpower kind of thing but is leading to become manpower & technology.

Your company combines state-of-the-art technology with a highly trained workforce to offer efficient security solutions that meet the customers’ specifications. In this case, what is Quess Terrier doing in order to train & upskill its employees to become a tech-savvy workforce?

To start with, our entire attendance process is automated. Besides, we constantly keep training our guards on a monthly basis, in terms of the latest trends in the technology arena. Today, we are amongst the most digitally-enabled service providers – right from the time when somebody is recruited till the time he/she exits, everything is done digitally.

Can you tell us about your organisation’s top security services for 2021? What are the benefits of a centralised monitoring system in workplaces today?

Video analytics is something we are working very closely on in terms of a COVID kind of situation. Another aspect we really want to focus on is remote monitoring. Plus, we have started a new service called ‘health monitoring’, where we check the health of the equipment.

As for the benefits of a centralised monitoring system in workplaces, we first need to see what the application is that we want to give the customer from the command centre. For instance, if in the banking sector there’s a rule that nobody is to sit in office after 8’clock and if someone does, the one monitoring the site from the command centre would be able to validate who the person is and use a two-way communication to find their purpose of being there.

Everyone is aware of the significance of digitally transforming the remote workforce. What are the various types of security threats that particularly impact remote workers?

One of the bigger threats for remote workers is the hacking part, where the firewalls are not as strong as we want them to be. Another major threat is that since the workers are working remotely, we don’t know what kind of work they are doing and with whom. The sensitivity of data is a critical aspect.

What does your company have envisioned for itself for the year 2021 and the goals to achieve next year?

One thing we are very particular about doing is to become a more tech-enabled company; we want minimum 40% of our customer base to be a man-tech solution thing. Secondly, we want to penetrate some segments, like hospitals, logistics, IT, etc.

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