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Swapnil Sansare,

CEO & Founder,

Divide By Zero Technologies

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ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING The key to success is synergy

Mar 26, 2019

…says Swapnil Sansare, CEO & Founder, Divide By Zero Technologies, in this interview with Suchi Adhikari. He further elaborates on the ever-increasing hike in demand in the field of 3D Printing and shares how enterprises need to focus on synergising machines, materials and software to deliver excellence. Excerpts…

Divide by Zero Technologies is known to be an industrial grade 3D printer manufacturer in India. Could you briefly describe your journey from being a start-up company to becoming one of the pioneers in the sector?

It all started in 2013 when we realised that the Indian market needed world-class, yet cost-effective 3D printing solutions. Thus, our company, which had begun with just 2 people, has grown into a 30 people business and has had over 500 installations across India and abroad. Over the last few years, we have been working on pioneering new Additive Manufacturing technologies, such as, the patented Advanced Fusion Plastic Modelling (AFPM™) technology and India’s first selective laser sintering technology. It is being developed with our expertise in 3D printing, material engineering and software development, to deliver a technology that resolves all concerns of strength, form, fit, and functionality.

Which sub-sectors and enterprises do you cater to? Can you elaborate on the 3D printing market in India as well as abroad?

With cutting-edge technology and domain expertise, our enterprise has worked with leading ventures and government agencies. The major sub-sectors catered to include orthopedic and dentistry sub-sectors in the medical sector, EV and NPD segments of the automotive sector, jigs and fixtures in the tooling sector, and the engineering division in the field of education. Further, in the spirit of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, we have been the first Indian 3D printer manufacturing company to export machines to countries abroad. The market is growing exponentially in India and abroad and there is a demand for more material variants and high-speed precision printers.

With the estimated augmentation in global demands for 3D printing technologies, how do you innovate and deliver products that cater to the demands of your target market?

At Divide By Zero, we constantly work on new technologies and educate ourselves on the latest technological trends and solutions. We comprehend the global demands through our customer experiences and market trends. We believe that the key to success is synergy—thus, we try to synergise material, machine and software to meet the industry expectations.

What sets apart your company’s products and technology from that of your competitors? Are there any launches in the subsequent months that we can look forward to?

Divide By Zero believes in adhering to its standards of supplying the optimum 3D printing solutions, which are also cost-effective. Being a company that offers products which are at par with global industry standards, DBZ works for innovative projects with visionary clients. We are also launching India’s first Laser Sintering 3D printer, which will mimic the strength of molded components and can be used for end-use part manufacturing.

Divide by Zero has undertaken the mission of becoming the global leader in 3D printing domain by 2022. How do you plan to achieve this ambitious target?

At Divide By Zero Technologies, we are working on different 3D printing technologies with adeptness in different domains. This year, we are launching two high-speed Polymer & Resin based 3D printers, which are much faster than our current technology for industry-wide applications. Subsequently, we are growing our dealer network across India and the globe. With strong synergy across industry for materials, software and technology, we are swiftly inching towards our goal.

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