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Manish Walia

Business Head – Industrial Automation Solutions

Delta Electronics India

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INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION The focus is to keep exploring new opportunities & trends

Mar 4, 2020

… says Manish Walia, Business Head – Industrial Automation Solutions, Delta Electronics India, in this interaction with Juili Eklahare. He discusses how the company is strongly active in industrial automation business and helping its customers to understand the potential for new-age technologies like IoT and Industry 4.0. He also gives his view on how 2020 will be a better year. Excerpts…

Delta is coming up with a new state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in South India. Could you tell us a bit about it?

Delta India has a manufacturing unit in Hosur, Rudrapur and Gurgaon. Going ahead, we are establishing another unit in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu. The upcoming plant will have domestic production as well as exports. We will be having variable range of products which will be manufactured in the plant and as per the market needs, will have the products manufactured globally to be made in India. This will reinforce our commitment in supporting with government’s initiatives such as Make in India, e-mobility mission, smart city mission and profoundly investing in India to create best in terms of technology, provide end-to-end solutions & create more job opportunities.

What work is Delta currently doing in the area of energy efficiency?

We offer a diversified cutting-edge technology with a portfolio of energy-efficient solutions, strengthening the industrial automation infrastructure. Our focus is also to provide a complete range of solutions that can deliver the industry best technology to support the growing ecosystem with a vision of powering green automation. We are constantly developing technology to strengthen our offerings in machine, factory and process automation, where the objective is to provide variable applications and solutions that can support the growing industry demand and are sustainable.

How is Delta dealing with the current slowdown? How are you ensuring that the year beginning is of positive growth numbers for Delta?

The focus is to keep exploring new opportunities, where we can use our expertise and deep root engineering in being a catalyst for India’s smart manufacturing era. The last few months have been critical for the sector, but we have managed very well for our focus is not restricted to a specific industry. If we talk about Industrial Automation, we have diversified products and solutions for wide range of industry segments.

We are still moving ahead with positive growth along with numbers and see immense opportunities. Delivering the same commitment recently, we have been ranked third in Low Power AC Motor Drives in the country, strongly indicates as to how we are evolving with our global expertise in the industrial automation domain.

Could you throw some light on how Delta is educating its customers on the potential of IoT and Industry 4.0?

We already offer products that are IoT and Industry 4.0 compliant. In industrial automation, our diversified cutting-edge technology of efficient energy portfolio includes a range of connectivity solutions. But currently, the adoption of the technology is at nascent stages in India and the majority of customers are yet to explore its benefits and understand the process of its implementation.

In our endeavour to strengthen the market with these trends, we are doing our part in educating the customers to understand the potential of the technologies. Using various marketing platforms, our teams are showcasing what Delta can offer to this new domain and educating our associates. The progress is slow, but the future of Indian manufacturing is about executing the production with smart technologies where the automation sector will have a key role to play.

What are Delta's future plans in the industrial automation business?

We have a growth objective of 20% year-on-year for the next five years and we are quite optimistic about this target. Moving ahead, our vision is to support the market with our full potential, where the emphasis will be to keep innovating technologies that will enhance our offerings. We have also scaled up further to meet the additional demand with our upcoming new plant in Krishnagiri.

One of our major focus is on our global expertise i.e. machine automation, but at the same time, exploring new opportunities in process automation. We have also been venturing, recently, the most into the water segment – we are working to provide a complete range of solutions for effluent treatment, sewage treatment, clean water and a host of other applications.

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