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Prashant Sardeshmukh

Vice President & Director

MMC Hardmetal India

MACHINE TOOLS Technology, innovation & society are linked for sustainable development

Jan 22, 2019

Advancement in additive and subtractive manufacturing will lead to a major change in manufacturing, and bring about a revolutionary improvement in R&D and production - Prashant Sardeshmukh, Vice President & Director, MMC Hardmetal India

With the 50-year completion of IMTEX this year, what significance does it hold for you and your company? How old is your company’s association with IMTEX?

IMTEX has played a stellar role in the growth of the Indian industry. This year, IMTEX will focus on Additive Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. We have been associated with IMTEX for more than 18 years and have been putting up the best of our products on display. It has given us a number of opportunities, enabling us to explore new avenues and business partnerships.

What would be the big strategy/plan that you will be pursuing post-IMTEX in 2019, aimed at creating a big business impact?

Exhibitions provide the best opportunity for face-to-face marketing and developing new relations. As IMTEX is the premium industrial show in India, we make extra efforts to plan for it. We create a thorough database of visitors with their interests. With proper assessment of visitors, we would initialise activities to follow-up with them, have meetings and more intense interactions to take our relations to the next level.

Digitalisation has been the most talked-about topic in the manufacturing industry today. Besides digitalisation, would you like to highlight any other technology advances that will have the maximum traction in the next two years?

With more intense competition in the customer-driven market scenario, the manufacturing sector will be dominated by highly modern trends. Digitalisation is the current trend. Other trends include the converging of IT and OT, which will help create smarter solutions with greater transparency. Providing on-demand services to customers will compel manufacturers to restructure their value chain. Intelligent manufacturing involving cloud computing, IoT and AI is set to dominate the industry. Advancements in additive and subtractive manufacturing will also lead to a major change and bring about a revolutionary improvement in R&D and production.

How do you assess the disruptive power of new technologies at an early stage and build a sustainable plan so as to respond to the technological disruptions, in the short-term and long-term?

Any technology used with bad intent turns into a disruptive technology. But in the broader sense, disruptive technologies can have many applications in consumer products and manufacturing. It includes things in quantity and capability of robots at the workplace, industrial use of 3D printing, excessive use of AI at all levels, and IoT.

In terms of sustainability, we have to keep in mind that technology, innovations and society are inextricably linked. Realising this, our corporate philosophy is, 'For People, Society and the Earth'. This makes us more conscious about the powers of disruptive technologies and pushes us to make a sustainable plan to curb excessive use, thereof.

In your opinion, what is an industrial trend/concept/ myth which you would like to demystify within the Indian manufacturing sector?

Several industries are aware of the advantages of Additive Manufacturing. However, its adoption is comparatively slow, due to some myths. For instance, the notion that Additive Manufacturing is too expensive is a myth. It is just another production process like casting and forging, and requires designing. However, using the component which is designed for casting or machining, is what leads to higher machining cost. Additive Manufacturing grows one layer at a time, unlike conventional manufacturing. If the product is designed as per the advantages that AM offers, it can be very beneficial.

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