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Mechatronics & Fluid Power “Targeting untapped market segments in India”

Jan 1, 2016

Vikas Khanvelkar, Managing Director, DesignTech Systems, in an interview with Megha Roy, discusses the trends witnessed in Additive Manufacturing and focuses on the trainings provided to their customers for technology upgradation. Excerpts…

Could you brief us on the business model offered by your company for the Indian market in terms of verticals, industries, services, etc?

We offer products and design services at every stage of product lifecycle. Our business has three constituents—product distribution, design services and specialised trainings. We handle industry verticals like automotive, industrial machinery, heavy engineering, aerospace and defence & education.

How does the collaboration with manufacturing software companies enable you to provide better training services to engineering professional across the industry?

We represent many software OEM companies who develop and supply software for CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM. This activity always helps us know the latest trends and developments in this field. We also get trainings from OEMs on the latest versions. Our technical experts train and help our large number of customers to seamlessly move from older version of the software to the latest version. Through our support to customers, we know how the software can be used by various industry segments to address their various pain areas. All this domain knowledge coupled with the software knowledge helps us provide value added trainings to industry professionals across the industry.

Can you explain on the recent developments in the Additive Manufacturing sector? How is your company helping its customers to leverage this technology?

Additive Manufacturing industry is witnessing new trends in the two main segments—plastic and metals. In plastic AM segment the developments are in the new materials, which have better thermal properties as well as which have better strengths. New materials are also getting developed for medical applications. These developments are increasing the penetration of AM machines in many new application areas. Metal Additive manufacturing machines and processes are now getting stabilised. These metal machines are mainly used in aerospace, defense and dental segments. The trend is to develop machines with higher laser power as well as multi-laser machines.

What is your company’s initiative in making 3D printing technology affordable to the Indian SMEs?

We are not the actual manufacturers of machines, but we just distribute and technically support these machines. So, there is not much we can do about making machines affordable for SMEs. At the most, we can give slightly higher discount out of our margins. But we can help SMEs technically evaluate the available machine from their specific point of view. We train and support them in proving this in their environment and help them use the machines productively and derive returns on their investments. Due to this support on getting ROI, many SMEs explore the option of buying AM machines.

How are you viewing the demand trends in India? What are your company’s future growth plans and investment strategy for the Indian market?

We are bullish about the demand trends in India both for CAD/CAE/PLM software and services as well as Additive Manufacturing machines. We have been growing consistently at the rate of 20% every year. We expect this growth trend to continue further. There are many untapped or less trapped market segments in India and there are also many segments, which are growing very well. Both these fields provide good potential for us. ‘Make in India’ and ‘Skilling India’, the schemes launched by our government also open up new opportunities for us in defence manufacturing segment as well as in CAD/PLM training business respectively. All in all, we see exciting growth opportunities in the future in India.

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